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Developing the Camel Production

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

The Camel Development Scheme of the State is to strengthen the  pregnant female camel after its identification is followed from calving till its calf attains the age of 18 months. Dr. J.K. Jena, Deputy Director General (Animal Sciences), ICAR, New Delhi while addressing the Camel farmers said periodical interactions with the farmers to help scientists and line departments understand the actual need of the herders and help them for linking with the consumers who are in need of the camel milk for realizing its human health benefits. An interactive with Camel Farmers meet was organized by ICAR-National Research Centre on Camel, Bikaner,   at Devikot, Rasala Panchayat District Jaisalmer Rajasthan .  Dr. Jena, appreciated the efforts of State Government in implementing the scheme.

Dr. Nathuram Chhabra, Deputy Director, AH, Jaisalmer briefed about the scheme being operational in Rajasthan for the benefit of camel herders and informed that in Rasala Panchayat nearly 150 camel farmers have registered their 3000 Camel females and the attending farmers also had brought some of their animals for registration.

Shri. Sumer Singh Bhati, a progressive camel farmer from Village Achala informed that he along with some camel farmers from his village who attended a training programme held at NRCC, Bikaner has formed a self help group of 11 persons who are involved in collection of the camel milk and arrange its supply in Jaisalmer town. They also received demands from far off places like Mumbai which could be catered by maintaining a cold chain. However he expressed need of organizational support to develop such activity on a sustained basis.

Dr. N.V. Patil, Director, NRC Camel, Bikaner appreciated the efforts of young camel farmers towards formation of Self Help Groups and extended all support of NRCC in building up the camel milk trade taking the help of related departments of state Government.

Nearly 84 registered camel herders of Achala, Devikot, Sanvata and nearby villages with 450 camels participated in the meet.

 The camel herders showcased animal’s production ability and their management to develop superior females and male studs to serve the Camel production system prevalent in 14 villages in Rasala Panchayat.

The best 3 animals were awarded to promote conservation of these important breeds. The herd also received the prophylactic care and treatment for skin and other inffections with active help received from Rajasthan State Animal Husbandry Department officials attending the activity.

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