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"Dr. Kurien turned India from a milk deficient state to a milk surplus state"- Dr. Chirantan Kadian

Dimple Gupta
Dimple Gupta
Dr. Chirantan Kadian - President of Indian Veterinary Association & Councilor of World Veterinary Association

To celebrate his 100th birthday today, 26th November 2021, Krishi Jagran organized a live session on “The Contributions of Dr. Kurien to Dairy Sector” at 11 am. The main purpose of this webinar is to spread awareness about the contributions of Dr. Verghese Kurien, the ‘Father of White Revolution in India’ & ‘Architect of Modern Dairy Industry’.

President of Indian Veterinary Association & Councilor of World Veterinary Association, Dr. Chirantan Kadian, one of the key speakers of the webinar said – “People conceive Dr. Kurien as a social entrepreneur but in my opinion, he was an engineer who turned the fate of this country. Dr. Kurien is the man who is responsible for White Revolution, introduced women to the Indian dairy sector. Because of him, we turned from a milk deficient state to a milk surplus state and one of the major exporters. He is known as the ‘Epitome of livestock industry’ because of the contributions he made for livestock health and development. Polson dairy was established in 1930 in the Kaira district of Gujarat."

He further said "In 13th May 1949, Dr. Kurien completed his masters and joined Anand, and took it to ‘Amulya’ (Sanskrit word for ‘priceless’) which later got modified to today’s ‘Amul’ brand. Milk was purchased from the farmers, regular payments were made and the milk was pasteurized and sold to the people. He is responsible for bringing all the dairies under Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. Dr. Kurien founded the Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA) and placed rural India on the front map. From all the veterinary fraternity of the country, I pay my deepest regards to Dr. Verghese Kurien for his steps taken towards developing the dairy sector."

"Above all, NDDB – the brainchild of Dr.Verghese Kurien, in my opinion, is the top quality institution that is working on vaccines and combined vaccines of ambregic septicemia and others.

Dr. Chirantan Kadian, BV Sc & AH, graduated in December 1985 and started his Veterinary career with the Government of Haryana as Veterinary Surgeon in Animal Husbandry Department for the last 34 years. He has worked as a Veterinary Surgeon (1986-2016) in rural and urban hospitals providing veterinary and animal husbandry services to animals. He is working as Registrar, Haryana Veterinary Council (2016-till date) with the job of Registration of Veterinarians, Continuous Veterinary Education through workshops and seminars.

He is founder President of Pashu Chikitsak Parishad- state Veterinary service Association (2016-2019) and now is the Chairperson, Founder President of Pashu Chikitsak Mahasangh (2017-till date) National Veterinary Service Association of India, President of Indian Veterinary Association (2019-till date), Councilor Commonwealth Veterinary Association (2019-till date) and now Councilor World Veterinary Association

About Dr Verghese Kurien

Dr. Kurien was born on 26th November 1921, in Kozhikode (Kerala), and passed away on 9th September 2012 when he was 90 years old. He is known as the ‘Father of White Revolution in India’. A well-known Indian social entrepreneur, who is still famous for his ‘Operation Flood’, which is known as the world’s largest agricultural program. He established 30 institutions that are run by various farmers and workers. Dr. Kurien also played a key role in the establishment and success of Amul Brand. Because of his efforts only, India became the largest producer of milk in 1998, surpassing the U.S.

He was awarded Ramon Magsaysay Award (1963), World Food Prize (1989), Padma Shri (1965), and Padma Vibhushan (1999).

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