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Dr. V. Srinivas Rao Appointed as the 35th Associate Dean of the Prestigious and Oldest Agricultural College, Bapatla (ANGRAU), A.P.

Dr. V. Srinivas Rao has mentored in creating many job careers and campus placements for students over the last 20 years.

Sonali Behera
Dr. V. Srinivas Rao, Associate Dean of Agriculture College, Acharya N.G Ranga University, Bapatla
Dr. V. Srinivas Rao, Associate Dean of Agriculture College, Acharya N.G Ranga University, Bapatla

Dr. V. Srinivas Rao was appointed as the Associate Dean of the Agriculture College, Acharya N.G Ranga University (the Oldest Agriculture college in South India, Established in 1945 before Independence), Bapatla.

He was the first in charge and instrumental mentor in creating many job careers and campus placements for students from the last 20 years in different multi-national companies in Bapatla Agriculture college and also regarded himself as a resourceful person for the educational hub of student academic councils and progressive career program advancements and he is one of the most searched hitlist in Agricultural statistics at the national level and has built an impressive collection of accomplishments in every given roles and challenge under his leadership of different capacities.

Worked with many stalwarts and eminent scientists at universities and nationwide, he has been a strong wing of instrumental in implementing many significant changes in developing captivated structure, practices, and policies in the college developments and improvements, while also overseeing most of its day-to-day internal operations. He has actively involved and cultivated faculty, staff, and external sound relationships with many eminent persons as in his previous role of honor on the Board of Management at the University of ANGRAU across the state and also championed advanced diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

He has strong willpower to develop Agriculture college, Bapatla to its most efficient potential and also helps to spread positive vibes, sportive tempo, and committed nature of work and attributed dedication among the faculty members and students and also addressed new challenges in the future of Agriculture as in the quest of Sustainability.

Besides this, he wants to work with international institutes toward achieving targeted goals. He always encouraged faculty members to build on experience and continue to strengthen administrative works in college at the university level through active participation in their given roles and also want to inculcate enhanced transparency regarding their measures of development.

So, there is no doubt that, in the coming time, he will also be able to develop and give suggestions and recommendations to the agriculture syllabus as per the upcoming 6th Dean committee of ICAR and also helps to strengthen research innovatively with the different arena of horizons and also required to work NAHEP current running working projects under ICAR with more strength of force and experience to challenge difficulties at Bapatla agriculture campus.

With this in mind from his words, we hope that Agriculture College, Bapatla of today will give rise to great recognition of achievements and awards, and also chart a positive path forward for a sustainable, healthy future for Agricos and humankind.

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