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e-Rashtriya Kisan Agri Mandi (e-RaKAM)

Dr. Sangeeta Soi
Dr. Sangeeta Soi

e-Rashtriya Kisan Agri Mandi (e-RaKAM) It is a robust e-Market for purchase, sale, price discovery, MSP booking etc. through internet being developed by MSTC. It is an exclusive e-auction platform for Agri Products with its objective for transparent sale transactions and price discovery. It unshackles the potential of Indian farmers who have been trapped in a vicious cycle of the middle man and low margin, providing integrated logistics services like warehousing, pest control, first mile and last-mile connectivity, even facilitating exports. e-RaKAM centres are spread all over India.

Advantages to the Farmers:

More options for selling products and making competitive returns.Will have the facility to consolidate their produce and sell at MSP and beyond.

For buyers, processors and exporters:

Provide access to the larger market. Buyers will be able to buy from all the above through a centralized portal with standard procedures and pay through e-Payment.


Farm Producing Organisations will have facilities for e-Auctions.

Nodal Agencies:

Organization like Nafed, FCI will be able to e-Procure, e-Book and e-Auction their surplus stores.

For both:

Enable direct participation thereby reducing intermediary cost. Avail integrated logistics services under one roof.

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