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Earn Rs 8000 in 8 Hours Everyday by Starting This Top Most Profitable Food Business

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Roti Business
Roti Business

Profitable Business Idea: We all like Bread/chapati which is considered to be a very healthy diet for the human body. If you too want to start your own business, then you can start making bread or chapati. With the increasing demand of bread in the market it can be assumed then this is a profitable business by which you can also earn good money.

Profitable Bread/Roti Business Idea: Important Instructions

Bread making machine:

Yes, you heard that right! Now the machine for making roti has come in the market. By this machine you can make more number of chapati without any problem and make more profit.

It can be noted that about 1000 rotis can be made in 1 hour with the help of this machine. However, with this machine you will also need two more machines for cutting the roti round. The cost incurred in the machine will be up to Rs 2.15 lakh.

Raw material required for making roti:

Following raw materials will be required which you can buy from any general store:

  • Maida

  • Flour

  • Pure water

How to make bread/roti from machine?

  1. Firstly, you have to mix and knead the maida and flour properly, but remember flour should be very soft.

  2. After that, make round balls. In this machine there is a part in which just by adding flour, they automatically change the shape of bread.

  3. Then, the parts of the machine automatically prepare roti. In this you only have to turn the roti.

  4. There are two types of griddle in this machine, and the temperature of the two griddle is different.

  5. Repeat the process and you can prepare more and more bread in very short time.

Right Place for the Bread Making Business:

To start this business, you require 36/36 space so that the machine can fit well. After this, a separate 100 square meter space will be needed for panning the roti.

License required for bread making business:

As the bread or roti making business is related to food, so you will have to get an FSSAI license. After that you will have to register your business under MSME.

Investment in roti making business:

For doing this business, you will have to spend about Rs 3 lakh on goods and machines.


Tips for Packing Bread:

Be very particular about the cleaning while packing, and make sure that the bread is not broken during packing.

Profit by the bread making business:

The benefits depend on you how much bread you are preparing in a day. Like, if you make 1000 rotis in one hour, then the rate is Rs 2. If the cost of staff and wages is removed, then you can earn a profit of Rs 1000 per hour. In other words, if you run a machine for 8 hours, you can earn a profit of up to Rs 8000 almost every day.

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