Eat your shirt if hungry; Story of edible cotton

The research conducted at Texas A&M University by Professor Keerti Rathore has proved to be of high value as it can replace the short supply of food in near future. Yes, it is true that after the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration, the cotton clothes will be edible. The research which is being done since decades is waiting for the approval after which the farmers will be able to grow cotton for food as well as for fiber. The research is still confined to the US and not moved to other parts of the world. 

On Tuesday, the US Department of agriculture has given green light to commercialize the biotech version of the cotton plant whose seeds can be eaten according to Texas A & M University. Americans may soon be eating the cotton they are wearing, as the new edible variety is entering the market. 

The project for the same has been going on for 23 years and the professor told that they have silenced the gene producing toxic elements, which kill insect pest and are non-edible. By doing so they not only make the seeds edible but also the fiber made out of it can be eaten as they are no more causing any harm to the human body. It tastes like hummus and not at all unpleasant in taste. 

‘The commercial production of the same will take time as the seeds for the same will take time to be made available to farmers’ according to Kater Hake, Vice President of Cotton Inc. The discovery will not only make few cotton varieties but will be inserted into the whole genome as there is no reason leaving the toxins in the plant that can be eaten.  

The future planning of using these cottonseeds as fish food has also been in discussion as it can be used as fishmeal for carnivorous fishes like Salmon. By this way, farmers can make extra income, which will not only enhance their livelihood but will also alternate the scenario of cotton production and use. 

As far as nutritional value of cotton is considered, it is equivalent to any nuts like hazelnut or groundnut. Its protein can be extracted and used to make cookies and chocolates as well as many other products that can be used in food industry. 

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