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Exhibition Cum Workshop on Technologies in Food Processing- Developed by CSIR on 13 November

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

The Indian food industry, the food and grocery market, is the 6th largest market in the world and it contributes to 70% of the total sales. Talking about the contribution within the country, the food processing industry has a share of 32% in the nation’s total market. In terms of production, consumption, and exports, it is ranked as the 5th largest industry in India. The Indian gourmet food market is valued at USD 1.3 billion and is growing at CAGR of 20%.

Food Technology is a science which deals with the techniques and principles involved in processing and preserving the food substances. The application of food science helps in manufacturing safe, wholesome and nutritious food products. The study of food technology is to develop new methods and systems for keeping food products safe and resistant from natural harms such as bacteria and other micro-organisms. Food processing helps in preservation enhances the flavor and reduces the toxins in the food product which results in better distributional efficiency and easy marketing of the food product.

The modern food processing techniques is the key to flourishing supermarkets we have today. Extra nutrients can be added while processing the food and processed food is less susceptible to spoilage. Some of the techniques used are spray drying, juice concentrates, freeze drying and the introduction of artificial sweeteners, colorants, and preservatives. Of late, many products such as dried instant soups, reconstituted fruits and juices, and self cooking meals were developed for the convenience of working people.

Keeping in mind the growth in food industry, ASSOCHAM in association with CSIR proposes “Exhibition Cum Workshop on Technologies in Food Processing- Developed by CSIR” on 13th November, 2019, Constitution Club of India, New Delhi. This Exhibition Cum Workshop will focus on the areas like latest technology in the sector, latest research and development done in the sector, Introduction of new and innovative products, B2B meetings with the industry peoples, detailed discussion of ongoing research in the food processing sector.

With the following Objective, the Exhibition Cum Workshop will focus on the latest research and development being done in the food processing sector in India with a view to introduce new products in the markets:

a) To abreast the industry about the various emerging new products that industry can adopt and can sell under its brand name.

b) To discuss the new Innovation, technology and know-how in implementing in Food Industry.

c) To Creates awareness of the latest developments and develops relationship with new prospects in the markets.

d) Dissemination of information about the latest research done by CSIR to the food processing industry.

e) Showcasing the importance of technology in food safety and security.

The participants profile may allure you to participate or have an interaction:

To discuss the policy, technology, business and trade for sustained growth and opportunities in this sector:-

Technology Providers

Government Sector / State Enterprise

Food companies

Representatives from MNRE, NSDC, APEDA, NHB, NHM,NCDC,SMDs of NMFP, etc

Frozen Food Manufacturer

Food product/ Semi-finished Products Manufacturer

Dairy Manufacturer

Beverage/ Soft Drink/ Brewing Industry

Agro Industry

Food Service Equipment Dealer/ Distributor

Food/Agri Retail Companies

Representative of Industry associations, Farmer Groups and Farmer's

Organizations & Cooperatives and other stakeholders

Representatives from Agricultural Universities and Academia’s

Please contact for participation, visit and for further details:

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