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Farmers & Farm Laborers to celebrate Ambedkar Jayanti together in Delhi

How and when the joint celebration is going to happen?

Swati Sharma
Ambedkar Jayanti
Ambedkar Jayanti

Farmers and farm labourer unions will celebrate Dr. BR Ambedkar's birth anniversary together on April 14 on the request of Sanyukt Kisan Morcha. 

 Ambedkarites and farmers shall jointly celebrate the event for the first time in Punjab. Many events would be held to observe the occasion across the state. Groups of farmers and laborers would also be heading towards Delhi. 

In a joint meeting, Union leaders of several unions said that the centre is trying to take off people's constitutional rights. They informed that in response to these attempts by the central government, April 14 would be celebrated both at Delhi borders and across the state as a declaration of constitutional rights. 

They said three farm laws, the Electricity amendment act 2020 and the new education policy, were all a chunk of an attempt to steal away the rights. They said Dalits had been affected by the central rules primarily as they depend upon agriculture, landless and poor fellow-citizens shall also be left without a livelihood. 

Members said that change in education policy would impact their right to education, and the electricity amendment act would take them off of provision of exemption from paying electricity bills. They said farmers and laborers are coming unitedly against the passing of these laws and bills. 

Other leaders who were present during the joint meeting were Gurnam Daud [Dehati Mazdoor sabha general secretary], Tarsem Peter [Pendu mazdoor union chief], Gulzar Gaurian [Punjab Khet Mazdoor union general secretary], Bhagwant Samrao [Mazdoor Mukti morcha chief], Balwant Makkhu [Krantikari Pendu mazdoor union head], Mukesh Malout [Zammen prapti sangharsh committee]. 

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