Farmers in Maharashtra to sell produce directly to housing societies

Maharashtra Cooperation department has decided to start a new initiative for the marketing of agriculture products of farmer producer firms as well as rural cooperatives by allowing their sale in urban housing societies. Under this new plan, the farmer-producer firms, farmer groups, and other cooperatives will sell vegetables, grains, dairy products and processed foods directly to housing societies in urban areas like - Mumbai, Thane, Nagpur, Pune and other cities.


The products will be sold in either shops or vehicles parked within the premises of the housing society. The duty of running the shop will have to be borne by housing societies. A senior Maharashtra government official told, to set-up the shop, at least 100 sq ft space would be needed and the operating cost for it should be borne by housing societies.

The purpose here is to provide the farmers with a guaranteed market, while the city dwellers will get farm produce at cheap rates. This direct selling will also remove a number of middlemen and their margins, the official said.

In order to provide a definite shape to the plan, the Cooperation department had issued a GR or Government Resolution on October 4. According to the GR, the housing societies will have to sign a three-year agreement with farmer producer companies as well as rural cooperatives for the constant supplies. The rates of farm produce can be decided and set by mutual consent of parties.

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