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Farmers Protest: PM Narendra Modi Warns Against New FDI ‘Foreign Destructive Ideology’ & Andolanjeevis

Prime Minister Narendra Mod talks of the new FDI that has emerged “Foreign Destructive Ideology.”

Shipra Singh
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi responded to the Rajya Sabha debate on Motion of Thanks, defending farm laws and touting the benefits of the law especially for small farmers.  

In his speech, PM warned the country against the other kind of FDI that has recently emerged. This is “Foreign Destructive Ideology.” He talked of “andolanjeevis” (people whose livelihood is protest). He said this while urging the farmers to end their protests.  

Modi emphasized the need to protect the country from andolanjeevis. He advised people to be more aware to save the country from the other kind of FDI.  

Prime Minister commented in the wake of various tweets by globally-renowned celebrities, a couple of them being Greta Thunberg and Rihanna, in favor of the farm protests.

In addition to this, Narendra Modi called India “Mother of Democracy.” He appreciated Indians for putting up a brave fight against Covid-19. At the same time, he emphasized the need to make agriculture prosperous. His speech highlighted the fact that agricultural reforms are the need of the hour. 

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