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FTB Organic - A gamechanger platform for farmers across the globe: M.C. Dominic

M Kanika
M Kanika
Ftb - Virtual Inaguration
FTB - Virtual Inaguration

More than 50% of population in India depends on Agriculture. And that is why agriculture has a prominent place here. Moreover, when we talk about ‘Agriculture’, how can we forget ‘Krishi Jagran’. Yes friends, Krishi Jagran is a media organization that has been working for the farmers for last 25 years.

The motive of Krishi Jagran is to help the farmers with latest farming techniques, government schemes and many other things. The organization is always in touch with the farmers through many new programs along with giving new information to the farmers every day.  

Now let’s know about the man behind this globally recognized organization -M.C Dominic, Editor-in-chief of Krishi Jagran and Agricultural World. It is the result of his hard work that today Krishi Jagran is known by people all over the world.

However, this was not the end of his dreams, he wanted to do lot more for the farmers. So finally, he came up with the idea of FTB-Organic - a platform through which farmers can make their products accessible to the common people across the globe. For many years he had observed that the farmers around him is working hard putting their time and effort into farming but are not getting the appreciation or credit for their hard work. Initially, he came up with an idea of Farmer the Brand, where the farmers could express themselves. However, this helped the farmers to sell their product only now and then. He wanted to give farmers, the platform where they can sell their product regularly. Hence, the E-Commerce Platform of FTB-Organic is launched.


On the occasion of World Food Safety Day i.e. 7 June 2021, Krishi Jagran, the largest agricultural media company launched FTB Organic through a live virtual inauguration ceremony at 11 am on its Facebook page. The event was inaugurated by Shiny Dominic, Director of Krishi Jagran, and the keynote speaker of the event was the man behind this great launch M.C Dominic, Editor-in-chief of Krishi Jagran and Agricultural world. The whole event was hosted by Khili Dhawan, Krishna Bahadur headed the project and explained the technicalities, Mridul Upreti, the head of DGM- Special Initiative, who was looking after the whole project FTB-Organic gave the vote of thanks and ended the session.  

Major Speakers were Paritosh Bhattacharya, former editor of Krishi Jagran, Bengali, Suresh Muthukulam, editor of Krishi Jagran, Malayalam, Ved Prakash, Apoorva Sharma, Dattan Nayar - Global Marketing from Russia also shared their view points on how this E-Platform is a gamechanger and can benefit the farmer across the globe. 

In addition, the entire Krishi Jagran team andfarmers like - Neha Bhatt from Arogya, Annu Gawar from Amalda Organics, Shivam Shukla from Farm Veda, Jagmohan Rana from Yamuna Valley, Rafeek from Bee Craft, and Sarla Mall from Kesari Naturals thankedDominic for providing them this platform where they can showcase and sell their own procured product with their own brand name.   

The chief guest of this great launch was Padma Shri Award Winner Farmer, Bharat Bhushan Tyagi ji. He himself is an organic farmer of his own brand Swadesham and has guided 80,000 farmers so far. 

The launch was a great success with so many participants across the globe.

People can now avail the Organic products directly from FTB.com.

To connect with this, farmers can feel free to call or whatsapp at +91 8800023204 (Monday-Sun 09:00 AM to 6:00 PM). Along with this, they can mail at info@ftborganic.com for any inquiries related to products or merchants.  

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