Geotagging, Drone technology & Traceable Compensatory Afforestation Says Prakash Javadekar at UNCCD COP14

Engaging with the reporters at the Press Conference last Monday, the Honourable COP14 President Mr. Prakash Javadekar assured that there are many plans in pipeline to restore the lands under severe degradation and desertification. The main aim is to keep the tree cover intact and prevent further loss of trees. With the help of improved technologies available worldwide the government assures prevention of further damage to the Earth. There are plans to Geotag trees using chips, many other technology driven innovations like Drone technology and traceable Compensatory Afforestation.

Geo Tagging is otherwise known as Geographical tagging is the process of adding geographical indication data to any fixed object. This data consists of latitude and longitude coordinates. The coordinates could be used to identify the geotagged item and monitor though satellites.

Measuring vast stretches of land and forests is laborious, extremely time consuming and tedious. Aerial images captured by drones help in creating a complete detailed picture of the site, providing comprehensive insight and analysis. Drone technology helps photo-mosaicking, measuring biomass of trees and other structural parameters of the vegetation.  Illegal logging for instance could be kept under control with drones. According to the study drones have huge potential to see isolated trees and small patches that satellites cannot always properly estimate.

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