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Giving Freedom on Independence Day – Let’s See How

Abhijeet Banerjee
Abhijeet Banerjee

Come August month, and thoughts of festivals do start cheering our mind. Rakhi will be celebrated this Monday and 12 days after we shall be celebrating Independence Day. India's Independence Day is the eve to Honor and remember the nation's freedom. On 15th August 1947, India achieved freedom from British rule. Since then, the date is celebrated as the Independence Day of India every year. The day is observed as a national festival and is treasured with great passion all over the country.

Ignoring this year (due to lockdown restrictions) this is the time when children are seen waving their flags around on the streets, marching towards their schools and in full white uniform. Excitement is seen amongst the kids over getting packets of foodies specially snacks and sweats in their school. March past, drills and drum beats are a common feature on the school playgrounds. Our feeling of being independent in every sphere of life starts motivating us and we do cherish our thoughts with a happy mind. But what happens the next day. Back to normal life activities, right? Why not break the usual trend, and plan something really big yet, easy to execute. Still two weeks left for the national event, sit down, and start planning the initiatives to be taken in this context. If you are an employer, make sure to grant your people that independence at work, every day. Similarly, Parents are often concerned regarding how to make kids independent in the right way, without thinking for some usual methods of punishment. Start thinking on these lines for next few days and come out with a rational plan. Let us understand how freedom can be given on different aspects:  


Taking Self Decisions & keeping options limited:  

For parents it is time to teach your kid to be independent slowly and over matters, as per age. If you are planning a picnic then you can take the initiative to take independent decisions i.e. slowly teach him or her to have freedom in taking self decisions. The kid can be given easy performable tasks such as making a list of items needed by him/her or packing own bag, in case planning for nearby weekend trips/visits etc. Constant monitoring and stepping in child’s actions quite often can lead to relying over you for every act or instructions, also preventing him from learning how to do any work without mistakes. He can be given limited options regarding daily school/household activities and choose among those which needs to be done first.  This will be helping him in choosing easily and do it comfortable, since he/she has chosen the task as per his/her convenience. Allowing the child with some degree of freedom in smaller aspects, like choosing what to wear or what snack to eat in the evening is also handy, as long as he does as agree upon.  

Independent Problem Solving Problems & Planning a Daily schedule

There are few problems associated with friends/brother or sisters therefore it is necessary to make your child understand child know that certain problems have to be resolved by him and for which their parents really can help much. But keep him guiding as what can be the probable solutions so that he can make a suitable choice. Also, planning a kid’s routine activities will be beneficial in proving independence process. Your kid will be able to do the activities by himself once he knows what needs to be done on a particular day and at a specified time.  


Freedom at Work/Making Decisions  

On the eve of Independence Day, top management persons of the organizations could can plan out, and in true spirits, differ ways to enable the staff be free their people of imperialistic control and provide them independence while performing or execution of tasks. Freedom in work if an important tool in improving employee productivity, and helps in building long term association with the organization, since their work satisfaction increases to a great extent. Applying various constraints (Bureaucratic types) on employees should be avoided and rather than keeping most of the powers the hands of a handful bosses. It will be a productive decision by the management in allowing people freedom to take the decision of choosing the projects they want to be a part of, or have a say in hiring a staff in his department etc.  

Freedom To Express and Trials 

Plan to mount one step ahead and try creating an environment where people are encouraged to express their views freely. Allowing freedom to staff regarding what they feel about the ways a particular task is to be performed or what they think about prospects about the existing organisation policies can be productive as well. On one hand it gives staff a feeling of recognition and encouragement – on the other it gives managers lots of ideas – some of them being viable as well. Surely this will be a good sign for the business to flourish in longer run. Another area to focus will be encouraging employees to experiment on any project or important official activity/campaign, and if achieving success then recognize and reward people for doing so. Even on failure, appreciate people for trying and encourage them to keep trying whenever feasible.

Imperialism and Foreign rule had ended in this country 73 years ago. Try to eliminate the degree of excessive bureaucracy or Imperialism from your organization. Let your people work in a convenient environment with freedom to express, experiment or decision making (to the necessary extent). If such positive atmosphere already exists – good for you. If not then it is time to create one. Try getting feedbacks from HR department what is the difference on employee output after incorporating the necessary changes. Independence Day is approaching – why not take a sensible Vow to provide complete independence to our people at work. Not just for the single occasion but let’s incorporate this philosophy on a daily basis – for years to come!!  

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