Glyphosate banned in Punjab

The state government of Punjab has banned the sale of all formulations containing weedicide Glyphosate, soon after a San Francisco court upheld the weed killer’s role in causing cancer. The chemical, which is broadly used to control wide variety of weeds in almost all the crops in the State, is observed to be group 2A Cancer causing material.

In addition to cancer, this harmful chemical also causes other health problems and has the potential to harm the human DNA, according to the experts from the PGIMER in Chandigarh. This herbicide is sold in the country under various trade names such as Excell, Glycel, Round-up, Glider, Glydon, Sweep and Glyphogen etc.

Furthermore, the Punjab Agriculture Secretary, KS Pannu told media that the Central Insecticide Board and Registration Committee (CIB&RC) has recommended the use of Glyphosate only in the tea gardens and non-cropped areas emphasizing that there is an urgent need for strict compliance of the obtainable label claim of Glyphosate as per the conditions of registration with CIB&RC under Insecticide Act, 1968. It further said that as the state has no tea plantation and very less non-cropped areas, there is no need for permitting the sale of Glyphosate.

Pannu added that state Government, after thorough consideration, has decided to issue the directions. He said, “All the pesticide manufacturers, marketers as well as dealers in Punjab have been asked not to sell Glyphosate concentrations or formulations with immediate effect.”

It must be noted that Punjab is the 4th state after Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Maharashtra to ban the sale of this harmful herbicide.

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