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Good News! Government is Providing Rs. 4000 to Paddy Farmers

The government is providing Rs.4000 to farmers incorporating direct sowing method to plant paddy crops. Read on to know the full detail.

Kritika Madhukar
Farmers using direct sowing method will receive Rs.4000
Farmers using direct sowing method will receive Rs.4000

In order to save water, the Central and State Governments are constantly making efforts at their level and coming up with new initiatives. Recently, the Haryana government has decided to provide subsidies to the farmers who sow paddy directly.

In the ongoing Kharif season, the government is promoting the direct sowing method for paddy. Preparations for the Kharif season have already begun in many states of North India. However, in the midst of all this, declining groundwater levels in many states remain a matter of concern. 

Considering all these conditions, the Haryana government has decided to give a subsidy of Rs. 4000 per acre to farmers for direct sowing of paddy. Earlier, the Punjab government also decided to provide a subsidy of Rs. 1500 per acre to farmers for direct sowing of paddy.

The total area under paddy cultivation in the state of Haryana is about 13 lakh hectares. The government aims to maximize paddy cultivation on the basis of direct sowing.

Agriculture experts say that direct sowing can save about 25-30 percent of water as compared to the conventional planting of paddy.

The Haryana government has provided subsidies on direct sowing of paddy before also. Earlier the amount was around Rs. 5000. However, it has now been reduced to Rs. 4000 per acre.

After applying for the subsidy, the amount will be transferred to the bank account of the farmer. The Agriculture Officer and Patwari will also review the direct sowing field of the beneficiary farmers.

Direct Sowing of Paddy

Paddy can be sown using two methods. The first method involves preparing the nursery. Sowing paddy using the nursery method increases the water requirement in fields. 

On the other hand, by using the direct sowing method, farmers can sow paddy seeds directly in the field by spraying or using a seed drill. This method helps save farmers' time and reduces the cost of cultivation.

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