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Government Institutions in Ernakulam to Go Green

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Government Institutions will be encouraged to scientifically treat solid waste at source by setting up a mechanism. Offices that are smaller in size can go for bio-composting to treat solid waste.

Government offices, collectorate, and offices of panchayats and other local bodies in Ernakulam district will adopt the green protocol in line with the Government’s decision to implement environment-friendly systems. Haritha Keralam Mission (HKM) will spearhead the implementation of the green protocol.

“The idea is to make Government offices eco-friendly by adopting guidelines under the green protocol proposed by the mission. The implementation of the protocol at government offices will set the trend,” said HKM district co-ordinator Sujith Karun.

The guidelines say that non-biodegradable materials generated should be stored temporarily at the office or at a storage space in the building.

Office representatives have to tie-up with local bodies or agencies that collect non-biodegradable materials for shifting them to the material recovery facility every two months.

Moreover, Government offices will be asked to ensure energy-efficiency by making necessary alterations in the buildings and using energy-efficient fittings. The staff will be told to make optimal use of wind and daylight and adopt other environment-friendly measures.

The participating departments and agencies also will have to save money on electricity and water bills. Besides, campaigns should be organized to stop wastage of water and electricity.

Government institutions will be encouraged to promote backyard organic cultivation of vegetables as part of the project. Manure generated from bio-composting can be used in vegetable gardens near each building.

Employees will be urged to participate in tree planting initiatives, and their co-operation will be sought to ensure that offices stick to the green protocol.

HKM will offer intensive training to employees and heads of departments on the implementation of the green protocol in the coming months.

Resource persons trained by the mission will visit each district to educate stakeholders.

To begin with, the Greening programme will be implemented in select Government Institutions. In the second phase, the mission plans to include the three-tier local bodies.

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