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How Twitter users can hide Replies to Their Tweets?

KJ Staff
KJ Staff
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Twitter had announced its plans to experiment with a new feature where the users can hide replies to their tweets. The feature is supposed to go active in June after being revealed in February this year. It has also been announced that the new feature will be going live to users in Canada from next week. Interestingly, for the first time, it will let users exercise control over replies to their tweets.

Twitter has been internally testing the feature for long and will enable a new 'hide reply' option to let users hide replies from their tweet. This new feature will actually not delete any tweets rather it will hide them from the default view. If the users wish to see the hidden replies, they just need to tap on a grey icon to see them.

In an announcement with Blog Post, Twitter said, “It understands that "disturbing, irrelevant, and offensive" replies can actually be harmful for most users, derailing them from the main discussion.” Twitter also revealed that the feature will work using animated GIFs.

It says that they will have enough feedback by starting the feature in a single country to understand how the new feature should work in other countries based on the feedback it receives from users.

The new feature will remain in testing mood over the next few weeks. So, twitter is inviting people to use and share their review on the new tool. Though, twitter has been criticized a lot because of its inability to fight abuse and spam on its platform.

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