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Human Intelligence to Undo Their Losses They Have Caused on The Planet: Hon’ble Minister Prakash Javadekar

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan

Over 70 percent of the world has been transformed from its natural state to produce fiber, food and energy. Some of this conversion is essential, but the pace at which the transformation is happening is putting 1 million species at risk. Species lost in the whirlpool of transformation and going extinct. 1 in 4 hectares of this converted land is no longer usable due to unsustainable management practices. The trends are putting people at risk, forcing 700 million to migrate by 2050. 

If Human Actions have created the problems of climate change, land degradation and biodiversity losses, it is the same human intelligence that is going to undo the losses. We are here to ensure that this change happens, says Hon’ble Minister Prakash Javadekar at the opening ceremony of UNCCD COP14. 

COP 14

Brazil, Nigeria, China, India, Russia and South Africa some of the largest and populated countries have signed the deal to make land degradation neutrality a national target. Land degradation neutrality is an innovative land-use and management approach that prioritizes the optimal use of land to ensure that balance of productive land remains stable long term. It is one of the targets set for 2030 for the achievement of the SDGs. 

Ibrahim Thiaw, Executive secretary of the Convention draws attention by asking around whether we are going to leave any resources for the future? The way they humans are acting is affecting shrinkage of good land, which leads to competition locally, disrupting peace and security. Drought used to happen once in ten years, but we could see the un-precendented rise in Drought, that it keeps happening every year and floods which used to happen every 100 years are seen every year. As he drew attention on to the alarming frequent weather related disasters, he urges the delegates to be mindful of the opportunities for change that are opening up and urged to take action. 


Ibrahim Thiaw also adds up  that there is a sea of change in how environmental issues needs to be tackled, particularly in land use and management .The agenda of countries that have come to COP14 shows that they are ready and willing to find solutions for the problems happening. He also states that Ecosystem restoration and nature based solutions to fight climate change are all on the agenda of the conference . 

Conference of the Parties help governments worldwide to plan their land use sustainably and to pursue their sustainable land management goals practically. COP14 is expected to speed up efforts by countries to achieve land degradation neutrality with tools and resources that are fit for the purpose. 

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