In future buses will be run on coffee waste

Will buses be run on coffee in future? Now, we can definitely say it will become possible. The world has positive news from London. There, a start-up named Bio-bean has made this possible by fuelling country’s iconic double-decker buses with leftover coffee grounds. 

The fuel is made from oil extracted from used coffee grounds and blended with diesel.

London red bus

How is it manufactured?                  

Bio-bean gathers grounds from small cafes to big coffee chains and even instant coffee factories. The grounds are then brought to the bio-bean plant where they are dried and coffee oil is extracted. The extracted oil is then blended with other fats and oils to create a “B20” biofuel, which is further mixed with traditional mineral diesel. This mixed fuel offers10-15 percent reduction in CO2 emissions as compared to pure diesel.

coffee waste

Bio-bean claims that Britain produces nearly 500,000 tonnes of coffee grounds a year and it is enough to power a third of London’s entire transport network. Bio-bean’s plant has the capacity to recycle 50,000 tonnes of grounds a year.

Bio-bean was founded in 2013 and has received fund from the UK government. 

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