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Invest India enters a new era of innovation, as newly appointed MD & CEO Nivruti Rai takes charge

India’s expanding middle class, with its increased spending power, presents a compelling market opportunity for global investors. Moreover, Invest India, known for its instrumental role in executing the Government's key initiatives and driving economic growth, is all set to benefit from Rai’s visionary leadership and expertise.

P. S. Saini
Nivruti Rai
Nivruti Rai

As Nivruti Rai assumes her position as ​the MD and CEO of Invest India, her appointment signifies a pivotal moment in the organization's journey. Her visionary leadership and extensive experience navigating the technology and business landscape will undoubtedly strengthen Invest India's role as a catalyst for economic growth and development. “The tailwinds in favour of India are high, and now is the time to capitalize on the momentum,” shares Rai on social media. “The nation has demonstrated strength in digitalization, driven by startups, academia, and large corporations. With a growing middle class and government support, we are well-positioned to attract more investment and foster trade,” she further writes.

She has a deep understanding of policy formulation, regulatory requirements, and ecosystem development, making her ideally suited to drive Invest India's mission of attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and boosting trade.

Krishi Jagran Media Group congratulates Nivruti Rai on her new role and extends gratitude for her remarkable contributions to the industry. As a leading media group specializing in agriculture, Krishi Jagran looks forward to witnessing the positive impact of Rai's leadership on driving innovation, technology adoption, and sustainable growth in India's agricultural sector.

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