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Irrigation Dept Imposes Temporary Ban on Water Lifting for Agricultural Use

The authorities and concerned stakeholders are closely monitoring the water scarcity situation in Kolhapur City. Efforts are being made to address the immediate needs of the residents, while also exploring long-term solutions to ensure a sustainable and reliable water supply in the future.

Shivam Dwivedi
Irrigation Dept Imposes Temporary Ban on Water Lifting for Agricultural Use (Photo Source: Pixabay)
Irrigation Dept Imposes Temporary Ban on Water Lifting for Agricultural Use (Photo Source: Pixabay)

Kolhapur City, known for its historical significance and vibrant culture, is currently facing a severe water scarcity issue. In response to the worsening situation, the Kolhapur Municipal Corporation (KMC) has taken immediate action by deploying water tankers throughout the city to ensure the availability of drinking water to its residents.

Netradip Sarnobat, the esteemed water engineer at KMC, has recently addressed a letter to Rohit Bandivdekar, the executive engineer at the irrigation department. In the letter, Sarnobat earnestly requested that 160 million liters per day (MLD) of water be allocated to meet the growing water supply demands in Kolhapur City.

With the monsoon season experiencing a delay in its arrival, the authorities are carefully considering various measures to tackle the water scarcity issue effectively. An official mentioned that if the monsoon does not arrive soon, they might need to implement an alternate day water supply schedule, which will be decided upon in the coming week.

The letter penned by Sarnobat shed light on the water pumping stations established at strategic locations, including Balinga, Nagdev Wadi, and Shingnapur. However, considering the daily water requirements of Kolhapur City, a reservation of 160 MLD per day has been deemed necessary.

In a separate incident highlighting the grievances faced by the residents, women from the Shahupuri Kumbhar Galli area took to the streets in protest. They staged a rasta roko (road blockade) near Wilson Bridge at Laxmipuri on Monday evening, expressing their dissatisfaction with the improper water supply experienced over the past week.

The women alleged that while Kumbhar Galli has been devoid of water supply for weeks, the neighboring lane in Shahupuri receives regular water supply. Their demands include changing the water key operator for the area and ensuring a consistent water supply.

Meanwhile, the delay in rainfall has resulted in a significant reduction in water storage in the dams. In response, the irrigation department has imposed a ban on water lifting from Bhogavati and Panchganga rivers for agricultural purposes.

This ban went into effect from Monday midnight and will remain in force for the next three days. Specifically, the ban extends from the Radhanagari Dam to the Shingnapur Dam for the Bhogavati river, and from Prayag Chikhli to Ichalkaranji for the Panchaganga river.

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