IRRITEC’s Innovative Drip Irrigation System

More Crop per Drop, is the missionary statement of the Hon`ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Drip irrigation not only saves water but also irrigate the crop as per requirement. In drip irrigation if the water is having more solid suspended material in the water, that blocks the drips holes and there are chances that the crop may not get the desired water for the irrigation. 

In view of this drip irrigation IRRITEC, has come out with the revolutionary drip system by overcoming the problems of waters with high percentage of suspended solid. This proposal came from Irritec, a company that exports globally 70 percent of its production. On the 7th of November, it showcased its new products during the Eima fair. 

The Irritec founder and president Carmelo Giuffrè, “Drip irrigation will increasingly catch on, especially in those countries with water scarcity. In many cases, suspensions such as silt and fine sand did not allow drip irrigation because of the risk of fast clogging of the drippers. After years of research, we have finally come up with a solution that we called Exxtreme Tape”. Exxtreme Tape is a continuous maze dripline that guarantees excellent filtering performance – even in the case of 'difficult' waters – thanks to double input filters designed with an Irritec patented system. The double filter allows uniform dispersing and wetting - even in cases of water with a high quantity of solid particles. 

Giulia Giuffrè, marketing manager, “Our Company exports to 100 countries all over the world. 70 percent of our revenue comes from foreign countries. We do have products for every need regarding the irrigation. However, our drip system is a source of great satisfaction for us because we have innovative products and we invest heavily in research. We believe that the future will be in the water saving combined with a high yield and efficiency. Irritec ran tests in Peru, in those places where the water was full of silt. The Exxtreme Tape system guaranteed an unprecedented efficiency compared to traditional systems. 

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