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Karnataka Farmer Returns For Sweet Revenge After Being ‘Humiliated’ at Mahindra Showroom

Allegedly humiliated by a sales executive at a showroom for his looks, a farmer in Tumakuru district, who had gone to buy a new pick-up truck, threw up a challenge and returned with the cash in quick time, but claimed that the promise to deliver the vehicle immediately was not honoured.

Ayushi Raina
mahindra showroom
A farmer in Karnataka was humiliated at Mahindra Showroom

A farmer in Karnataka went to a shop to purchase a Bolero pick-up truck and was humiliated by the salesman, who sneered that he couldn't even afford a vehicle. The farmer gave a challenge and returned with the cash in an hour, in a script straight out of the movies.  The salesperson apologized.

“Looking at my clothes and my condition, they felt that I’m not in a position to pay the money…one of their field officers told me- you probably don’t even have Rs.10, will you buy this vehicle?- He even said that those who come to buy a vehicle don’t come in the way we had,” Kempegowda said.

Videos of the event, which occurred on Friday at a Mahindra showroom in Tumakuru, Karnataka, have been extensively circulated and even flagged on Twitter to Anand Mahindra.

Kempegowda, the farmer, had gone to buy a Bolero pick-up when the salesperson allegedly rudely told him off and asked him to leave.

The car is worth Rs.10 lakh, according to the salesman, and "you probably don't even have Rs.10 in your wallet." He dismissed Kempegowda because of his appearance, the farmer and his friends allege.

An argument erupted, and Kempegowda challenged the salesperson to arrange for the delivery of an SUV the same day if he brought the money within an hour.

He returned with cash. The stunned sales executive, however, was unable to arrange for immediate delivery - the waiting is normally lengthy. It would not take less than four days to deliver his car.

Infuriated, Kempegowda and his friends demanded an apology, and more heated words were exchanged until police intervened and broke up the altercation.

Finally, the sales executive apologized to Kempegowda. "I don't want to buy a car from your showroom," the farmer said as he walked away with his ten lakh rupees.

The video of the purported incident has been widely circulated on social media and has drawn criticism with some users accusing the sales team at the showroom of being “classist”.

Anand Mahindra's Message After Farmer Alleges Humiliation 

Looking at the current scenario Industrialist Anand Mahindra tweeted, a quote by Mahindra and Mahindra CEO Veejay Nakra," The core purpose of Mahindra is to enable our communities and all stakeholders to rise and a key core value is to uphold the Dignity of the individual. Any aberration from this philosophy will be addressed with great urgency.

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