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Karnataka's Minister Boseraju Issues Directive Against Unauthorized Agricultural Use of Treated Water

Minor Irrigation Minister N S Boseraju recently highlighted success in elevating groundwater levels but cautions against the direct use of treated water for farming.

KJ Staff
N S Boseraju, Minor Irrigation Minister, Karnataka
N S Boseraju, Minor Irrigation Minister, Karnataka

Karnataka's Minor Irrigation Minister, N S Boseraju, has recently issued a stern warning, threatening strict measures against individuals engaging in the direct utilization of treated water from the HN Valley and KC Valley irrigation projects for agricultural purposes.

Karanataka Groundwater Upliftment Project

The HN Valley and KC Valley irrigation projects involve the treatment of wastewater from Bengaluru at the secondary stage, which is then discharged into lakes. Managed by the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB), the water treatment and distribution to lakes fall under the jurisdiction of the Minor Irrigation Department.

A key element of these valleys, the Lift Irrigation Scheme, facilitates the conveyance of treated water to regions like Bengaluru Rural, Kolar, and Chikkaballapura. This initiative has reportedly augmented groundwater levels, allowing for agricultural utilization through borewells.

Karanataka Water Violation

The minister expressed apprehension regarding instances where second-stage treated water is directly employed for agriculture, he highlighted the violation of project guidelines and its ill effect on the groundwater replenishment project.

Though the quality of treated water is at par, the Minister emphasized refraining from its direct use and stressed the importance of upholding the primary objectives of the projects. Stringent actions against violators have been urged by the Minister.

Karanataka Regular Water Inspection

Boseraju has instructed officials to conduct regular inspections to prevent the direct application of treated water in agriculture. Both individuals found contravening the regulation and officials neglecting necessary actions will face accountability.

Water in Karnataka Nearing Day Zero

Over the past two decades, Bangalore has grappled with the looming specter of day zero—a scenario where taps run dry. The HN Valley and KC Valley irrigation projects are crucial endeavors aimed at averting such a crisis.

Bangalore has been on a trajectory toward water scarcity, prompting the initiation of projects like HN Valley and KC Valley aimed at sustaining water availability and countering a potential day-zero scenario.

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