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Kerala’s Paul and Mike Becomes First Indian Company to Win Silver at International Chocolate Awards

Kerala’s chocolate company becomes the first Indian company to win silver at International Chocolate Awards.

Shipra Singh
A piece of dark chocolate
A piece of dark chocolate

Paul and Mike is an artisan ‘bean to bar’ chocolate manufacturer in Kerala. It has won a silver at the International Chocolate awards (2020-21 world final), making it the first company in India to grab this award. The company has won the award for its Orange Peel Vegan Chocolate and ’64 Percent Dark Sichuan Pepper, which is a dark chocolate 

The company has been grabbing bronze awards at the Asian Pacific Finals. They have been sending their chocolates to the world finals for two years, but in vain. However, this year, they won.  

The founder and business head of Maul and Pike, Vikas Temani, says, “we have been experimenting with flavours and this particular variant was targeted at the Chinese market. As Sichuan pepper is widely used in Chinese and South-East Asian cuisine, we thought this variant would be ideal for their palate. The chocolate is vegan. Candied orange peel is used to add texture.” 

About the award-winning chocolate 

The company has introduced the award-winning chocolate in May 2019. The International Chocolate Fair in Shanghai was organized in December 2019. The company officials visited this fair where they introduced their chocolate. It sold like hot cakes there.  

The company also found that this chocolate did well in the Indian market.  

According to Vikas, “The chocolate has heat and sweetness. It produces a tingling sensation on the tongue and people enjoy that. A bar costs Rs. 250. Right from inception, our ideas was to sell fine, artisanal chocolate at affordable prices. Even mass produced popular European brands cost more.” 

More chocolates from Paul and Mike 

The other flavoured chocolates available at Paul and Mike for the Indian market include Peppermint Gelato, Indian Style Thandai, Alphonso Mango, Jamun, Custard Apple, and others.  

Thandai is popular in North India. The company had introduced this flavor during Holi last year and it was an astounding success.  

The company also has chocolates containing jiggery.  

Paul and Mike is just a 3-year-old company, yet is scaling newer heights with its fantastic and unique chocolate flavors. The company already has 36 chocolate varieties and is planning to bring to the market about 100 varieties this year.  

We hope the chocolate lovers are listening!  

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