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Krishi Jagran Launches “Know The President” Program to Discuss and Solve Farmers Issue

Meera Sandeep
Meera Sandeep
know the president

From the experience of Krishi Jagran Magazine that has been working for the farmers and amongst the farmers for last 25 years, it is clear that well-known people who are in- charge of that area including Gram Panjayat President can only understand the problems of farmers and they are the only ones who can solve farmers’ problems.  

That’s why Krishi Jagran has brought a new program named as “Know the President” through its Facebook page, aiming to talk with the new office bearers who took over the administration in the gram panchayats

Alappuzha District Panchayat President Mrs. K Rajeshwari, who got years of experience as Gram Panchayat President, District Panchayat Officer and members of women's groups, etc. was the guest of honour at the inaugural function of “Know The President” program to talk with Mr MC Dominic, Chief Editor of Krishi Jagran. 

Mrs. Rajeshwari, who came to represent the panchayat, has worked for various panchayats for many years. She said that Alappuzha is a district that has been giving good emphasis to agriculture from time to time.  Particularly, Kanjikuzhi, a panchayat in the district harvests many products from the sand dunes. 

The reason behind the sound agricultural development in kanjikuzhi is the support, received from its former panchayat president Mr. P.P. Swathanthryam. During his tenure, he won the National Award for his contribution to the field of agriculture.  

Same methods of agricultural activities in Kanjikuzhi are being implemented effectively in all other panchayats in the district. The Panchayat had taken up the model project of cultivating fallow lands in Kuttanad. It was successfully completed. Attempts will be made to cultivate all the fallow lands. Thus Alappuzha district will be made free from fallow land. 

Integrated backyard farming is also envisaged. In addition, refrigeration storage will be started in the important agricultural area. At the time of harvest, sometimes the entire vegetable cannot be sold on the same day. In such a case, refrigeration storage will be started in two panchayats of the district, so that they can be brought and stored in this refrigerator. If the method is effective, the scheme will be extended to all the other panchayats. Arrangements will be made for the farmer to get a fair price. Marketing areas will be strengthened by integrating Kudumbasree. 

“It is a fact that a woman cannot spend as much time in public activities as a man. You need to pack up and go home. But not so for men”. She said. Mrs. Rajeshwari who was representing Mararikulam South Panchayat, the first woman-friendly panchayat in India, wants to convey a message to all the girls - “make your own decision but it should be a perfect decision”  She said the support from her family, which includes her husband, mother and two children, is great. The son is a government school teacher and daughter is a teacher in Co-operative Engineering College. 

Mrs. Rajeshwari said creating employment opportunities for the youth and start employment potential projects are the two important goals in her future plans. The Alappuzha District Panchayat President shortened her words by thanking the magazine and saying that the more products there are, the lower their prices will be and at the same time making their value-added products is their project. 

Krishi jagran Editor-in-Chief MC Dominic concluded the event by saying that they had got the right person in all aspects for the “Know The President” Inauguration program.   The event will continue next Tuesday with another President  

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