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Let’s make Farmer: Builder of the Nation, “The Brand”

But why we are talking all about farmers in this way? Because, this is the time we need to do something for them. And farmers, you also have to do something for yourself…!!

Sangeeta Soni

Farming is considered as a primary occupation in our country and still is the most underestimated occupation. For any country, Agriculture is its backbone. Not only in words, but this is reality. Despite their huge contribution to the economy, farmers are often neglected.

But why we are talking all about farmers in this way? Because, this is the time we need to do something for them. And farmers, you also have to do something for yourself…!!

Starting from what problems are faced by farmers and what we can do for them.

Problems faced by farmers and their solutions by Government

There are many problems which Indian farmers are facing, or I should say, particularly small scale farmers are facing. Farming starts from sowing seeds and that’s the first issue which farmers are facing, Quality of seeds…? Yes, a big question mark, Good quality seeds are still out of reach for many farmers. To solve this, the government of India has established National and State Seed Corporations (NSC & SSCs).

Talking about mechanization, many farmers are using mechanical technology in farms but still in huge part of the country, farming operations in Indian farms are still carried out by conventional methods, using hands, wooden plough, and simple conventional methods. To solve this problem, a large industrial base had been developed, particularly for the manufacturing of agricultural machines. Power availability for agriculture has also been increased.

Then comes, Marketing, Agricultural marketing. This is the issue that rural Indian farmers are still facing. Many farmers are not able to find the proper source, location for agricultural marketing. And they need to sell their crops at lower rates because of this. And fixer middlemen earn all the profit and farmers suffer. The reason for this is the absence of organized marketing structure. To save farmers all this, Government came with regulated markets. These markets use the system of competitive buying and ensure that farmers are not subjected to exploitation and receive lucrative prices for their goods. But still, this issue needs to be worked upon more.

Why Farmer: The brand?

In the above section, we have seen the problems faced by farmers and what the government is doing for them. But the question comes, are farmers also doing something to fight from all the problems?

There are many farmers who, in spite of many difficulties have done much recognizable work. They have turned their dreams into reality with many innovations in the world of farming. Along with this, they are also supporting other farmers in crossing all the bumps in the path of success. It is a matter of pride for all that a farmer is doing something which is not only supporting himself/herself but, overall it’s also supporting the Nation.

In a developing country like India, where the government is coming up with new policies for farmers every day, it is really admirable that the farmer is first ready to help himself by clearing all the bottlenecks.

Krishi Jagran is giving platform to the farmers to grow more and inspire other farmers, so that our agro prime Nation will also grow.

And this is the reason why we are working to make Farmer, The Brand. It is also important to mention that actually the farmer is already a brand. We are just playing the role of medium to realize them their own worth.

Happy Farmer, Happy Country…!!

Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan…!!

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