Marathi Krishi Jagran found place of her Own on Maharashtra Day in Pune

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

Besides being International Labour Day, May 1 is also celebrated as Maharashtra Day. The date holds special significance for both state and for the Krishi Jagran Marathi -- it was 58 years ago that the existing states of Maharashtra was  formed, hence the celebrations because it is the 8th Krishi Jagran Regional Office started working today i.e. 1st May with Shri Nishikant Bhalerao as In Charge Krishi Jagran Marathi Office.

Shri Bhalerao is having 30 years of experience in  Journalism. Post Graduate Diploma holder from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication and started his journey as Reporter in Daily Marathwada from 1979 to 1994 working as Chief Reporter, then Sub Editor to Chief Sub. He was Resident Editor of the Aple Mahanagar from 1995to 1997 then as Executive Editor, Daily Deshdoot from 1997 to 2004 at Nashik then rose to the Chair of Editor of Daily Agrowon-Sakal from2004 to 2009 in Pune.

From today 1st May Krishi Jagran Marathi is being looked after by such an experienced agriculture journalist and hoping that the farming community of the Marathi language shall be more enriched with the development of the agriculture from centre to the state.

Maharashtra is a state in the western side of India and is the country’s third-biggest state by territory and is additionally the world’s second-most crowded sub-national entity. The state has more than 110 million occupants and its capital, Mumbai, has a population of roughly 18 million. Agriculture is the mainstay of the state of Maharashtra. It is the main occupation of the people. Almost 82% of the rural population depends on agriculture for livelihood. Both food crops and cash crops are grown in the state. The main food crops of Maharashtra are mangoes, grapes, bananas, oranges, wheat, rice, jowar, bajra, and pulses. Cash crops include groundnut, cotton, sugarcane, turmeric, and tobacco. 

In view of this The Krishi jagran Marathi was started six year ago and serving the Marathi Farming community with the articles, news, views and featuring interviews translated from other languages, but now it shall be covering grassroots and the Marathi flavor shall be helping the Marathi farming community with the experienced pen of Shri Bhalerao.

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