Millet Village: Aiming to encourage traditional farming among tribes


Kerala State Agricultural Minister, V S Sunil Kumar has inaugurated the “millet village” project by ploughing the land meant for cultivation at Kunninchalla tribal settlement. The minister said that the government will implement agriculture development schemes in Attappadi only after considering the opinions of the Adivasis. The project aims at protecting the traditional varieties of millets and ensures to bring down the nutrient deficiency among the tribal communities.

The project is jointly implemented by the Agricultural department and SC/ST department. It also aimed at promoting the cultivation of cereals such as ragi, maize, millet and bajra. The State government has earmarked Rs. 2.40 crore for the first phase of the millet village project, where Rs. 2 crore will be expended by the Agricultural Department and Rs. 40 lakh will be given by the SC/ST Department.

In the first phase, the project will be implemented in 32 selected tribal settlements. The Minister said that project would later be expanded to the tribal areas of Idukki and Wayanad districts.

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