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Monsoon Regains Strength: Kerala Braces for Intense Rainfall This Weekend

The southwest monsoon has roared back in Kerala, bringing much-needed rain to the parched state. IMD has issued warnings of heavy rainfall in several districts, urging caution for residents and fishermen.

Sarbani Bhattacharjee
Monsoon Arrival: Relief To The Parched States                                                                                                                                            Picture Source: Pixabay
Monsoon Arrival: Relief To The Parched States Picture Source: Pixabay

The weather turned better starting on Wednesday, with rain gracing most parts of the state. However, the intensity is expected to ramp up significantly over the weekend. The IMD issued an orange alert, warning of extreme rainfall, for Malappuram, Kozhikode, and Kannur districts on Friday.


The situation will intensify further on Saturday and Sunday. Five districts, stretching from Malappuram to Kasaragod, will be under an orange alert for Saturday, followed by six districts, including Palakkad, on Sunday. These districts can expect heavy downpours that could lead to flooding and landslides.

Widespread Rainfall Expected Over Other States:

The increased rainfall activity is attributed to a cyclonic circulation over coastal Andhra Pradesh and strong westerly and south-westerly winds blowing over Kerala. This weather pattern is likely to cause heavy widespread rainfall across Kerala on Sunday.

Relief for Parched North India:

While Kerala gears up for heavy rains, the news brings a sigh of relief to the residents of North India who have been battling an intense heatwave. The IMD predicts that the sluggish monsoon will pick up pace by June 21-22, bringing much-needed rain to the region.

Gradual Monsoon Progress:

The monsoon's progress has been slow and uneven this year. After reaching Mumbai, its activity weakened considerably. However, it is gradually strengthening and is expected to cover more areas in the coming days. Coastal Maharashtra is likely to receive good rainfall by June 21-22, while central Maharashtra can expect light to moderate showers.

The monsoon's arrival in North India, including Delhi-NCR, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh, has offered some respite from the scorching heat. The IMD forecasts light to moderate rainfall in these regions in the next few hours.

Safety Precautions Issued by IMD:

With heavy rainfall expected, the IMD has advised caution, particularly for those residing in Kerala. Squally weather with wind speeds ranging from 35 to 45 kmph, gusting up to 55 kmph, is predicted along the Kerala coast until Sunday. Fishermen are strictly advised not to venture into the sea during this period.

The monsoon's resurgence brings both relief and potential challenges. While the rain will replenish water reserves and alleviate the heat, it is crucial to take necessary precautions to ensure safety during heavy downpours.

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