More Grains and Less fruits , A question to rethink

The quantity of cereals produced is far more than vegetables and fruits required to meet the nutritional level of individuals. The world produces different types of grains and sources of fats and Sugars as compared to the vital part of diet that should be prioritized in the nutritional requirement.

A study published in PLOS ONE, showed that the world produces in place of 8 servings of grains 12 servings of grain per person. At the same time 5 Servings of fruits and vegetables instead of 15 , three servings of oil and fat in place of one, three servings of proteins instead of five,

The study is calculated on the basis of  Harvard University's " Healthy Eating Plate"  guide . According to that , half of the diet should consists of fruits and vegetables, 25% whole grain and the other 25% being protein , fat and diary.

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The production of  Carbohydrate and fat rich food sources 15, countries is mainly due to the reason it can feed many guides. The reason also dairy to, good taste of fat rich food.

Advantage of giving more focus on production of fruits and vegetables consist of reaching required nutritional level but also of the fact that the land under cultivation to feed the growing population is less as compared to grain cultivation. Fruits and vegetables consume less space as compared to grains.

Statistically, to produce food for 9.8 billion, it requires 12 million more hectares and at least one billion more hectares of pasture land.  By switching on to diet prioritizing vegetables and fruits ,
biodiversity can be conserved and land use can be reduced.

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