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Mother Dairy Launches Buffalo Milk in Delhi NCR

Mother Dairy, one of the leading dairy companies introduces a new variant of Buffalo Milk in the Delhi-NCR region, with plans for expansion in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana.

KJ Staff
Mother Dairy offers variety of milk and milk products like full cream milk, skim milk, ice creams, yogurt, cottage cheese etc. (Picture Courtesy: X)
Mother Dairy offers variety of milk and milk products like full cream milk, skim milk, ice creams, yogurt, cottage cheese etc. (Picture Courtesy: X)

Mother Dairy has launched Pure Buffalo Milk in the Delhi NCR region. One of the leading milk and milk products companies aims to cater to the growing demand for species-specific milk variants in the country, tapping into deep consumer insights.

Pure Buffalo Milk, has around 6.5 percent fat content and 9 percent Solid Not Fat (SNF), promising a creamier texture and a richer taste profile. The company known for its consumer-centric approach, revealed that the new variant has been developed to meet the need-specific requirements of the market.

Strategic Launch in Delhi-NCR

Initially hitting the shelves in the Delhi-NCR region, Mother Dairy plans to expand the distribution of Pure Buffalo Milk to Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana soon. According to the company's statement, the new variant will be available in the NCR market within a week, offering consumers a unique blend with A2 protein.

The product will be gradually introduced across Mother Dairy's entire distribution network. This includes booth networks, general/modern trade outlets, and e-commerce/q-commerce platforms.

Pricing and Packaging

Priced at Rs 70 per litre, Mother Dairy's Pure Buffalo Milk will also be accessible in convenient 500 milli litres packs. The company aims to position this variant as a versatile choice for consumers, surpassing the traditional role of milk as a plain beverage.

5 Decades and Counting

Last month, Mother Dairy marked a significant milestone as it celebrated its 50th anniversary in India. The brand commemorated this remarkable occasion through a series of impactful ad campaigns and engaging video advertisements. One of the suggested taglines resonated with the essence of the brand: "Whether it's the morning chai or the midnight mithai, for 50 years, #MotherDairy has been woven into every moment of your life. The key to our success lies in your years of love, companionship, and trust! So, let's join together in celebrating the joy of these 50 years, wrapped in the embrace of cherished memories. #50YearsAndCounting."


This encapsulates the enduring presence of Mother Dairy in our lives over the past five decades and underscores the integral role played by the collective affection and faith of our patrons. Let's revel in the nostalgia and celebrate the journey of the last 50 years.

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