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National Conference Explores Policy Pathways and Innovations in Technical Textiles

The National Conference on Technical Textiles served as a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and the exploration of avenues to propel the Technical Textiles sector forward.

Shivam Dwivedi
National Conference Explores Policy Pathways and Innovations in Technical Textiles (Photo Source: Trade Promotion Council of India)
National Conference Explores Policy Pathways and Innovations in Technical Textiles (Photo Source: Trade Promotion Council of India)

The Ministry of Textiles, in collaboration with the Government of Andhra Pradesh, orchestrated a one-day National Conference on Technical Textiles. This significant event, supported by the Indian Technical Textile Association, took place on January 29, drawing attention to the evolving landscape of Technical Textiles and aiming to pave the way for progressive policy frameworks. The collaborative efforts between the Ministry of Textiles and the Government of Andhra Pradesh are expected to contribute significantly to the growth and development of this dynamic industry.

Insights from Rajeev Saxena, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Textiles

Rajeev Saxena, the Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, took the opportunity to provide a comprehensive overview of the diverse applications of Technical Textiles. He underscored the potential markets that exist for these textiles and encouraged industries to actively participate in the upcoming BHARAT TEX 2024 mega event. Saxena urged companies to leverage this platform to showcase their innovative ideas and contribute to the advancement of Technical Textiles.

Panel Discussions Unveil Key Topics

The conference featured panel discussions that delved into various critical topics, including:

  1. Strategies for Circular Economy

Experts explored strategies to promote a circular economy within the Technical Textiles sector, emphasizing sustainability and efficient resource utilization.

  1. Sustainability in Technical Textiles

Discussions centered around sustainable practices, highlighting the importance of environmentally friendly approaches in the production and application of Technical Textiles.

  1. Agrotextiles: Enhancing Agriculture Practices

The conference shed light on the role of Agrotextiles in agriculture, aiming to improve farming practices and crop yield through innovative textile solutions.

  1. Geotextiles in Engineering Applications for Infrastructure Development

The utilization of Geotextiles in engineering applications took center stage, focusing on their contribution to infrastructure development and engineering projects.

  1. Trends of Technical Textiles in the Future

Eminent speakers, scientists, and industrialists explored the future trends in Technical Textiles, discussing innovations and potential breakthroughs.

G Amarnath, Minister of Industries, Infrastructure, Investment & Commerce, Information Technology, and Handlooms & Textiles, Government of Andhra Pradesh, emphasized the paramount importance of Technical Textiles. He extended a warm welcome to prospective investors, including Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), recognizing the sector's potential for economic growth.

K Sunitha, Principal Secretary to the Government of Andhra Pradesh for Handlooms & Textiles, Industries & Commerce Department, provided insights into the state's initiatives for the development of the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector in Handlooms & Textiles. She also highlighted emerging opportunities within the Technical Textiles domain.

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