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New Products and Ideas for Holi

Dr. Sangeeta Soi
Dr. Sangeeta Soi

Holi is religious occasion and this festival of colours is known for traditional recipes, tasty snacks and yummy sweets. We all have grown up eating delectable food on this special day and somewhere in our hearts we know that money cannot buy the taste that our moms can create on Holi. So why not this time we try some new products and ideas that may enhance our Holi celebrations. In market there are so many new, advanced and varied products which can make playing Holi easier.  

It’s the time of the year when people forget their worries and play the festival of colours so that no one is recognised with their skin colour but with the same merger of colours that make us equal with love and affection. How can we forget to play Amitabh Bacchan’ Rang Barse on this occasion, in fact this song is played at every nook and corner of the country.

It's time to get drenched in the colored water and devour mouth-watering delicacies. But the celebrations are just incomplete without the pichkaris and water balloons, the most demanded products in Holi. In our country, Holi is the soul of all festivals. Holi  , in particular, has more cultural significance than religious and this festival of colours is known for traditional recipes, tasty snacks and yummy sweets. We all have grown up eating mouth-watering food on this special day.

List of Ideas & Products for Holi is as follows:

1. Water balloon filler and tying tool 

Many might not have heard of this crazy tool, but this is the answer to all the troubles your child caused you because he wanted to get ready with the water balloon missiles but could not do the herculean task of filling the balloon with water and tying the knot. Remember, we all struggled!  This water balloon filler is sort of like a 'pichkaari' that also ties the knot of the balloon. Using this tool, the kids can have their share of fun by bursting hundreds of such balloons. 

2. Go organic 

Most of the Indian Gulal Industry develops Gulal Powder in Northern India Region where color powder is made by wet mixing process and dried in open sun on agricultural land which attracts several biological impurities and fungus. However, AMA herbal has exclusively developed Gulal Powder through the dry mixing process for almost all the color powder formulation. It has been dried using electric operated dryers and tested in our in- house microbiological lab to specify that the product is not contained any biological impurities and bacteria that can cause any problem to the user. 

Organic Color
Organic Color

3. The Holi tool kit 

This includes all your skincare products to lessen the damage caused by the harsh, high chemical content Holi colors. From a hair oil, sunscreen to a suitable scrub. Though sweets, bhang, and 'pakke' rang will top the chart of this list.  

4. The no water Holi

The idea might sound like a buzzkill to all the Holi enthusiasts but Delhiites might remember those two water-less days during the Jat protests. Imagine, facing the same water crisis again. So, go environment friendly this Holi and avoid using water! And if that is not possible then at least keep a check on the amount of water being used.  

Water Baloons
Water Baloons

5. Opinion's respect 

Holi is the festival where people there are people who really don't like being applied colours which may damage their skin and create problems in removing. So let's respect other opinions and prefer to use herbal colors as discussed above. Also, throwing water balloons on strangers randomly is a big NO. It might even bring some legal trouble as well.  

6. Playing a choice of song

It’s like a ritual in Holi that we play a choice of song which adds to the aura. So why not go along the wind and playing your good number that can add newness to the festival.

7. Have a Crazy playlist

Just add the taste of Bollywood through this idea. Just YouTube it and you will have your crazy playlist ready! Social media is the prettiest way to find exotic ideas and add to your day. Have a nice Holi!

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