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Holi 2024: Top 7 Dishes That You Must Try This Holi

Festivals in India are all about rituals, colours and food. And when we talk about the festival of colours – ‘Holi’, it becomes even more important to talk about food. We all love Holi as it is full of fun, enjoyment and mouth-watering dishes.

Abha Toppo
Special Holi Dishes
Special Holi Dishes

Festivals in India are all about rituals, colors and food. And when we talk about the festival of colors – ‘Holi’, it becomes even more important to talk about food. We all love Holi as it is full of fun, enjoyment and mouth-watering dishes.

Some of the dishes associated with Holi are part of the celebrations for years. In other words, we can say that Holi is incomplete without these traditional foods or dishes. So let’s have a look at some of the most delicious and easy to prepare snacks in Holi.

1. Gujiyas

We just can’t imagine Holi without the gujiyas. It is known as the star sweet of this festival. They are not just yummy to eat but are very easy to make at home. Native to Rajasthan, the gujiyas basically are sweet dumplings that are made of flour or maida and filled with fried semolina, dry fruits mixture and some khoya. Gujiyas can be made in many ways:

  • Baked Gujiya

  • Coconut Gujiya

  • Chocolate Gujiya


2. Chaat Papdi & Dahi Bhalle

Chaat papdi, aloo tikki and dahi bhalle are few more lip-smacking snacks that just can’t be missed in Holi. And the king of all these snacks is ‘gol gappe’. Holi is the ultimate day when you can give way to all your chaat temptations. The chaat custom of Holi is more popular in the Ganga-Jamuni faction of Holi. For those who do not know, the term Ganga-Jamuni is used for the culture of Northern India (particularly U.P and Bihar).

Moong dal ki kachori

3. Malpua

Next is the malpua, which is very similar to pancake. Malpua is a simple, sweet and melt-in-the-mouth snack, which is made with the all purpose flour or maida, banana, milk, sugar and cardamom for flavour. The mixture of all these things is deep fried. To add an edge you can also top it with some khoya. This royal sweet dish has its roots in Mughal era.

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aaloo tikki
Aaloo Tikki

4. Moong dal ki kachori

Moong dal ki kachori is another popular food during the Holi festival. These tiny round-shaped pastry balls are stuffed with a spicy mixture made up of moong dal and whole spices. Kachori are a perfect finger food that is often accompanied by aloo ki sabzi or tamarind chutney. So don’t miss the kachori this Holi.

5. Dahi vada

The Dahi vada is another delicious food that we get to eat in Holi. The vada (made up of urad dal) is a small ball that has been deep-fried. It is generally served in thick curd and topped with savory herbs, tamarind chutney, and flavorings like chili powder, black pepper, or mint.

6. Thandai

It is an Indian cold drink prepared exclusively during Holi. Thandai is also known as Sardai and is being prepared with the nutty goodness of cashews and almonds. The wholesome beverage also includes magaztari seeds, fennel seeds, rose petals, cardamom, pepper, saffron, milk & sugar. The special holi drink can be made in many flavors and is served chilled. One of the most popular variants of Thandai is Bhaang Thandai.  The drink has a special intoxicating blend of bhang, along with nuts and aromatic spices.

7. Bhajiya or Pakora

Bhajiya or pakoda, are very easy to make snacks during the Holi festival. To prepare pakodas you only need to have besan or gram flour. Add onions, potato slices or small cauliflower pieces in it with a pinch of salt and chilly. Just fry the mixture in hot oil and your tempting Holi special pakodas are ready to eat. Bhajiya is generally served with green chutney made of coriander.

Don’t miss these delicious and lip-smacking snacks this Holi!! Enjoy it with friends and family!!!

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