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NITI Aayog Internship 2022: Big Opportunity for Students; Apply Now

NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India) is inviting applications from students for internships.

Sandeep Kr Tiwari
You are eligible to apply for the internship only if you fulfil the eligibility criteria mentioned in the guidelines.
You are eligible to apply for the internship only if you fulfil the eligibility criteria mentioned in the guidelines.

This internship is open to research scholars and students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate degrees at accredited colleges and universities in India.

Important Dates

Internship applications will be accepted online only till 10th of October. It must be noted that no other mode of application will be accepted.

A minimum of six weeks and a maximum of six months must pass throughout the internship. Interns who don't stay for the required amount of time won't receive a certificate.

NITI Internship Scheme Details

Eligibility criteria

Bonafide students of any recognized University/ Institution within India or abroad, fulfilling the following conditions are eligible to apply for the internship:

  • Under-graduate students, having completed/appeared in the term end exams of second year 4th, semester of the bachelor degree course and secured not less than 85% or equivalent marks in 12th class.

  • Graduate students having completed/ appeared in the term end exams of first year/2nd semester of their post graduate program or perusing research/PhD and secured not less than 70% marks or equivalent marks in Graduation.

  • As long as they have received a cumulative grade point average of 70% or higher in all of their graduation/post-graduation years/semesters up to the date of application, students who have taken the final exam or recently completed their graduation/post-graduation and are awaiting admission to higher education may also be given consideration for an internship.

  • The time between the month the final exam results is announced and the desired month for the internship should not be longer than six months. For example, if the results are announced in June, the applicant may apply for an internship starting in December.


The candidate must have to mark In and Out times each day while completing an internship with NITI Aayog, and they must maintain a minimum attendance rate of 75%. If less than 75% of students are present, the internship duration cannot be extended, and no experience certificate will be given. The heads of the verticals, divisions, and units, as well as OSDs, Senior Consultants, and Consultants are responsible for keeping track of attendance records and all other aspects of work supervision.


  • You are eligible to apply for the internship only if you fulfil the eligibility criteria mentioned in the guidelines.

  • You are advised to check the details before submission. No correspondence regarding change of details will be entertained.

  • Before submitting, you are urged to double-check the information, after that no changes will be accepted.

  • You should note Registration Number after submitting the application form for future reference.

  • NITI Aayog does not assume any responsibility if you are not being able to submit your application on account of technical reasons or any other reason beyond the control of NITI Aayog.

  • If you are unable to submit your application due to technical issues or other factors outside of NITI Aayog's control, NITI Aayog does not assume any responsibility.

  • You need not send the printout of ONLINE application or any other supporting documents.

  • In case of any web related issues, please contact at nic-niti@gov.in.

How to Apply

Interested and eligible candidates may apply online only from the link to be indicated on the website of NITI Aayog.

You can apply for the internship if you are interested in the field of agriculture. Additionally, you can get more information about this internship by getting in touch with Dr. Neelam Patel, Vertical Head of the Agriculture Department (neelam.patel@nic.in).

Additionally, you can find the contact information for that specific Vertical Head if you are interested in any other field. Click here

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