No more cotton crop at Telangana

Cotton boll

Telangana government has asked farmers to terminate  cotton crops amid the attck of Pink bollworm causing serious threat to the interest of farmers.Telangana has registered a massive increase in cotton acreage this kharif.The acreage crossed the 46-lakh acre mark,about 15 lakh acres more than the normal acreage.Ultimately rains and outbreak of pink bollworm have wreaked a havoc,causing extensive damage to small and medium farmers.

But the government’s report suggest that the spread of pink bollworms is virulent and has breached the Economic Threshold Level(ETL),which could result in extensive damage.The kharif season is coming to end the second picking has been sone b good number of farmers.Since third picking does not yield much so instead of following it should be stopped at December month which will break the lifecycle of bollworm causing less risk in next kharif season, the idea behind the reform.


Senior government official said that there is a need to educate the farmers regarding the urgency of the situation.Extension officers need to convince the farmers else the worm will survive in the stubbles and could transcend to the next crop. 

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