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Now Farmers Can Put Forward Their Issues Themselves Through FTJ

Krishi Jagran has recently launched a new programme, under which farmers from all over India are invited and encouraged to become a journalist.

Kritika Madhukar
Over 100 farmers from all across India attended the online event.
Over 100 farmers from all across India attended the online event.

Now farmers from every village can become journalists and make their voices heard, thanks to Krishi Jagran’s “Farmer the Journalist” initiative. For the past years, it has been seen that the journalists who generally cover agriculture-related news have minimal knowledge of the subject. 

As a consequence, real issues and concerns of the farmers remain unheard. Inspired by all of these circumstances, MC Dominic, who has a long history and profound expertise in agricultural journalism, took the initiative of introducing the “Farmers the Journalist” programme.

Under the initiative of the “Farmer the Journalist”, Krishi Jagran will provide training to the brightest farmers to become journalists. They wish to involve the younger generation since technology such as cellphones now allows farmers to shoot films of their practices and difficulties even if they are unable to write.

Farmers will be the journalists in the FTJ effort, using their trained skillsets to transmit knowledge and concerns to the statutory government bodies and every corner of the nation. The programme has been a success among the farmers. Farmers from all over India are taking part in it.

In light of this, Krishi Jagran conducted a live orientation on 15TH July, Friday. The aim of the online event was to showcase the perspective of the farmers to the world, provide them with opportunities, and discuss the challenges that they face in their day-to-day life of practicing agriculture. Over 100 farmers from all across India attended the online event.

Shruti Joshi Nigam, Content Manager (Hindi), Krishi Jagran commenced the online event and welcomed all the speakers, who have joined the webinar from different states. She went on to say that agriculture plays a vital role in our life. She explained that even during hard times like Covid-19, agriculture contributed greatly to the economy of the country.

Shruti Nigam, then invited M.C. Dominic, Founder, and Editor-in-Chief, Krishi Jagran, to address the event and share his thoughts and insights on the matter.

While speaking at the event, M.C. Dominic explained that his notion behind organizing the event is to exchange ideas with the farmers and provide them with guidance and support, so that they can move forward in the direction of success.

M.C. Dominic shared that he started Krishi Jagran 25 years ago, with the vision of making the lives of farmers better and working towards making the Agri-sector more profitable for farmers. According to him, if farmers were provided with the right set of skills and training, they can rightly put forward their issues and concerns.

With the help of the FTJ, farmers can acquire these skills through training programmes, and can learn to express themselves more efficiently.

M.C. Dominic also informed all the farmers about an international global event, which is going to be conducted on the 21st of this month. He encouraged all the farmers to participate in the event as well as to gain a global perspective of the Farmer community.

Atul Tripathi, Hanuman Patel, Narendra Singh, Narendra Singh Mehara, Manoj Khandelwal, Ramchandra S Dubey, Pankaj Bisht, Deepak Pandey, Shobharam, Sharad Kumar, Gautam, Rajkumar Patel, and Rangnath, were among the farmers who have been trained under the FTJ programme and shared their experiences during the event.

All the farmers who took part in the event seemed very excited and they were grateful to M.C. Dominic and Krishi Jagran, that they were provided with the opportunity to express their thoughts, and issues and share their stories through Krishi Jagran. They also congratulated and thanked Krishi Jagran for starting such a unique and innovative programme.

Dr. P.K. Pant, Chief Operating Officer of Krishi Jagran was the last person to address the online event. He informed the farmers about another innovative programme of Krishi Jagran called "Farmer the Brand" initiative. The FTB or Farmer the Brand initiative helps the farmers to sell their agricultural products. Along with this, he also informed the farmers of an upcoming event, which is going to be held in March of 2023. 

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