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Paddy Harvest Ruined Due To Heavy Rains In Punjab

Abin Joseph
Abin Joseph
Farmers Striving To Harvest Rice

Paddy is harvested by October 25 in the region of Punjab, due to the swift onset of Rabi cropping season and the need to clear the fields to start sowing wheat (another Cash crop of India). The Paddy harvest of farmers in Punjab is ruined due to an unexpected downpour.

Due to the late onset of monsoon, the farmers had already suffered enough this year, however harsh winds and late withdrawing monsoon have also left Punjab’s paddy harvest in tatters.

These Crops Are Affected

Major Crops like basmati, sugarcane, potato & peas were affected the most. The recent rains not only harmed the standing crop but also caused the seeding of seasonal vegetables to be postponed. Farmers in numerous sections of the Doaba region are concerned that harvesting the standing paddy crop may be delayed by another week.

According to the statistics released by the India Meteorological Department (IMD), Punjab saw 22% more rainfall than its average this year.

According to some sources, the state of Punjab which only saw about 13.8 mm of rain from 1st – 23rd October got 16 mm of rain.

Rice is a crop that requires a lot of water when grown and requires almost none when harvested, presence of water or moisture during harvesting might decolourise the rice and decrease its shelf life too.

This is especially so for the Basmati rice which is specifically known for its colour & texture.

Farmer expert and retired engineer, Ranbir Singh Randhwa from Punjab Agriculture Department, told the Indian express that Ajnala and Ramdas areas of Amritsar have witnessed hailstorms, which damaged the basmati 1121 variety. Later varieties of paddy (non-Basmati) have also been delayed.

The change in the patterns of seasonal monsoons is a prime indicator of Global warming & pollution taking its toll on the world.

Hence it’s high time that we take responsibility or suffer while seeing our ecosystems get destroyed due to nature’s fury.

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