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Patanjali huge platform for commercial agriculture

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

In Delhi's constitution club yoga guru Baba Ramdev headed Patanjali Brand in the yearly press conference. In this he gave all the last year details of his brand. Ramdev said Patanjali's turnover was Rs10,561 and target for next year turnover with the speed of 100% increment.

Ramdev also mentioned that a false news is being spread among all the Muslims that cow's urine is added in all the medicines of Patanjali. He said peoples believe in them is their power and they don't sell cow's urine stealthily. "In the next two years Patanjali will be world's leading brand. This year Patanjali will be opening with boarding military school. This school will be free for the martyr soldiers children. School location will be in NCR only." Ramdev said. He said "Country has the law of labeling that all the ingredients should be mentioned. What all is there in the Patanjalis product is already mentioned on the top of the packaging. In only five products cow's urine is added. cow's urine Ark is the only drinking product, on which Goo Mutar is written. Rest four items are not for eating. Approx one thousand products are also there which doesn't include cow urine. We don't hide anything."

Aim to join with millions of farmers

Ramdev talking about farmers said, "the farmers joined with Patanjali are earning huge profit. The barren land which costs less than 25 thousand per acre. Farmers are cultivating Aloe Vera on these fields and getting profit." Thousands of Farmers are working with Patanjali but their aim is to join with millions and trillions of farmers. He said," Patanjali is the biggest brand for commercial farming."

Some Patanjali's Ayurveda figures

In last financial year 2016-17 Patanjali did business of total Rs.10,500 crore. In which Rs.940 crore is from the sale of toothpaste and Rs.825 crore of the hair oil Keshkanti. Along with this Rs.572 crore from Soap, Rs.522 crore from Mustard oil, Rs. 322 crore from Honey and from Ghee it was of Rs.1467 crore.

Aim of Patanjali

Ramdev pointing towards further plans of the company said that in next two years his aim is to see the company as the largest FMCG company. Along with this he said Patanjali will set their another plant in Vijay Nagar of Andhra Pradesh. He is also planning to enter the occupation of schools. First school will be opened in Delhi-NCR. In these schools children of martyr soldiers will study free of cost.

Ramdev proclaimed that Patanjali will be largest Swadeshi brand in the next 1-2 year and seeing its turn over foreign companies will start doing Kapalbharti. With this he announced 10 main things.

  1. Patanjali's turnover is now 10,561 and company is moving forward with 100% growth every year.

  2. In 1-2 years Patanjali will be largest Swadeshi brand.

  3. This year 30-40 thousand crore is the capacity of the yearly production, it can be 60 thousand crore till next year.

  4. New unit will be placed in Noida, this unit will be having the capacity of 20-25 thousand crore. we have not taken any land as charity.

  5. Fake news are being spread regarding Patanjali, Muslims are told that in all the products cow urine is added. Ramdev said only in five products we have added cow urine and on these products too they mention it.

  6. Patanjali has committed to give Rs.2 lac to the family of Martyr of Sukma.

  7. Free schooling facility for martyr soldier children will be opened having capacity of 1000 students.

  8. Their goal is to provide people with Swadeshi Brand products. Ramdev said that whole profit goes to charity only.

  9. Ramdev said that no business man will be Patanjali's owner. A Sanyasi will be the only owner.

  10. Rs.940 crore was the turnover of the company through toothpaste only and it was Rs.1467 crore through ghee.

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