Pepper price dip following Breach in import Regulation

When the import of pepper is already creating issues for farmers, more problems are being added to the farmers by the import of Sri Lankan pepper which has market rate higher than Indigenous pepper. Around 850 tonnes of pepper has been imported alone in the month of September.

Central Government has set the minimum import price at Rs.500 per Kg for imported pepper, in order to prevent the crash of price of pepper produced in India. Sri Lankan pepper are imported at a cost more than Rs.500.Government's permit for pepper is existing for commercial use and for importing as Value Addition. Beside this inflow of pepper to market from other countries have affected farmers.

In India Cost per Kg of Garbled pepper is Rs. 400 as compared to Rs.500 / Kg of imported pepper. This creates suspicion said Kishore Kumar, Syamji  Coordinator of Indian Pepper And Spice traders Growers consortium. The question of importing pepper from other countries when the same is available here at a lower rate is case to doubt. Pepper from Vietnam is also being trafficked through Nepal, Myanmar and Bangladesh is reaching the Indian market through.

Navaratri and Diwali open North Indian market for South Indian spice but the availability of spice at low price is creating low demand for pepper from south India. Pepper Traders Growers Consortium has requested Pepper Traders and Growers Consortium to take action to regulate import of pepper.

Pepper prices are expected to fall in the coming days

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