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Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana: 35 Lakh Consumer to Get Free Gas Cylinders; Money Transferred to 20 Lakh Account So far

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

Amid the countrywide lockdown, the centre has been taking every possible measure to give little relief to its citizen. Moreover, the government has taken various measures to decrease the plight of farmers, workers, daily wagers amid the nationwide lockdown. Recently, the state government of Bihar announced the allocation of 20.17 lakh for free gas cylinders to 35.64 lakh women consumers who got free connection under Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala scheme in Bihar. 

As per reports, the money has been transferred to at least 20 Lakh accounts so far where govt will give Rs 830 for a 14.2 kg cylinder and Rs 305 for a 5 kg gas cylinder.

Moreover, the amount of the remaining 15.47 lakhs will be sent to the account within a day or two. However, only 3.18 lakh consumers have booked gas cylinders at the distributor till now, says official.

35.64 Lakh to Get Free LPG Connection under PM Ujjawala Yojana

The State Coordinator of Indian Oil Corporation has informed that out of 35.64 lakh women consumers who got free connections under Ujjwala scheme in Bihar, 20.17 lakhs were sent to the bank account for free gas cylinders. The remaining 15.47 lakh will also be deposited in the account within a day or two. Out of these, only 3.18 lakh consumers have booked gas cylinders at the distributor, says, official.

Oil Company Ensures Door to Door Delivery amid Lockdown

Moreover, the Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi said that along with the information of receipt of funds, the beneficiary should keep the amount with them so that they can pay at the time of delivery of the cylinder. Oil companies also ensured that gas cylinders will be delivered to the poor's home as soon as possible so that the poor can benefit from the help given by the central government in this disaster period. For three months, Rs 830 for one cylinder of 14.2 kg gram per month and Rs 305-305 per month for three cylinders of 5 kg gram will be sent to the bank account, says official.

Important Things to Remember

It is worth mentioning that Rs 830 will be sent to a bank of 14.2 kg per month and Rs 305-305 per month for 3 cylinders of 5 kg to the bank account of beneficiary up to three months.

Consumers whose registered mobile number and bank accounts have to undergo any kind of change, they can get the required correction by applying to their distributor.

Moreover, who does not have a mobile phone or whose number has changed can also directly apply in the distributor's agency where you can book your gas cylinder.


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