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President Murmu Appreciates Lakshadweep’s Community-Based Ornamental Fish Aquaculture

On a visit to the Lakshadweep islands, President Droupadi Murmu participated in an interactive session with women beneficiaries of an innovative community aquaculture programme to encourage ornamental fish farming on March 18.

Shivam Dwivedi
Murmu applauded the programme for helping to increase the income of women islanders
Murmu applauded the programme for helping to increase the income of women islanders

The President was informed about the concept of community aquaculture centres for ornamentals, which was created as part of an ICAR - National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources programme (NBFGR).

Murmu applauded the programme for helping to increase the income of women islanders. Beneficiaries who took part in the interactive session on March 19 suggested that the events be expanded in order to improve their means of subsistence.

Speaking at her civic event on March 18, the President praised the achievements of lCAR-NBFGR in assisting in the creation of livelihood means for island women through the unique endeavour in which research and societal development were undertaken using local bioresources.

On Agatti island, the NBFGR has created a germplasm resource centre. The National Bureau of Fisheries and Oceans found four new marine decorative shrimps and developed captive propagation technologies. Members of the self-help group clusters were trained and used the simplified technology.

According to NBFGR sources, they are currently effectively conducting community aquaculture units to grow decorative shrimps and fish. The activities associated with ornamental plant rearing have improved the local population's ability to earn a living. The model has the potential to be expanded to other Lakshadweep islands.

At Saturday's reception, the President mentioned the enormous potential for seaweed production and plans to make the Lakshadweep islands the country's seaweed capital in five years. Local communities, women SHGs, island cooperative organisations, and private firms are collaborating to develop seaweed agriculture.

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