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Raksha Bandhan Approaching – Do something Unusual this time

Abhijeet Banerjee
Abhijeet Banerjee

For any sister, her brother is always unique and special so why not do celebrate Raksha Bandhan in a special or different way which her brother or she will always remember in coming years. In fact hardly will there be any other person in the world like your brother who would not hesitate to do anything for you. Raksha Bandhan is surely an Indian tradition that gives you a sweet opportunity every year, to enhance your bond, understanding or care   with your brother.

Therefore just a week to go, be ready to encash this occasion to express your brother how important he is in your life once again. Most of us would love doing something unusual or unique things in any activity or occasion – well why not celebrate Raksha Bandhan in a unique or different way this time, rather than the regular and traditional customs and activities. Here are the various ideas or tips to make your Rakhi really different and special this year:

A. Make Your Own Rakhi:

Gifting handmade items will be one of the differentiating ideas than normally purchased Rakhi because in this case, you are not just going to a shop or online site and purchasing – rather you are putting time, effort to make it for you – Yes it will be a pure reflection of your love and affection towards your brother. And these days even if you are not good in the craft work, online searches can easily make learn how to make Rakhi on your own. Just try this - and you will be quite satisfied. In fact brother will always have high regards for you.

B. Give a Personal Touch

A personalized gift is always better than the regular gift item as they always prompt the end user to feel that the other person has made some efforts in making it a special occasion. So another unique idea is to find options for customizing a gift. Under lockdown situation there is no need to visit stores as several online resources are available. Look out for them – example a T-shirt or mug bearing you brother’s name. Or get some meaningful message printed on these items, including one your pics with brother. An exceptional gift can be Rakhi jewellery, bearing brother’s initials or name.

C) Spend Quality time with each other:

Quality time is time spent with close family members, partners or friends and that time or moment in a way is important, special, productive or profitable to one or everyone involved. It is that time which is set aside and given solely for the concerned person where the person is given full and undivided attention. These days when everybody is getting busy with his job/personal life, spending quality time can be the most precious gift to your brother simply. We are often unable to connect with ourselves with near and dear ones on daily basis, because of our hectic lives. So, schedule August 3 (Rakhi day), for ensuring each other’s presence. Have fun with him, also sharing some meaningful moments like Childhood days or any important thoughts etc. This will revive the warm memories and strengthen your bond even more. Remember, a healthy and happy mind can work multifold in resolving personal/professional conflicts/issues, achieving success and a lot more. If both are not staying at home then do this through online video calls. Considering Lockdown situation, this idea is all the more advisable.

D. Gift a Photo Collage

Another unusual and different idea will be making a photo collage at home. It will be a creative gift which will be influential in capturing some of the best memories of you and your brother. This will be a sort of “Nostalgic” gift for your brother. The various steps on how to make a collage is given below:

  • Collect 6-8 of your favorite digital photos and using any of the free online photo editing websites, make a collage, and choosing A4 dimension is preferable.

  • Next step is to think and create a collage design adding your special messages etc. Use your creativity or take help from your family or close friends. It is important to save the final file is saved in high quality resolution.

  • If there is access to a color printer then it can be even printed on a glossy paper. In case paper is not available at home, then better take the help from professional websites involved in this function. Finally get a cute frame and pack it for gifting your brother.

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