Rural India Shines at the Asian Games 2018

One can beat any sport for its ability to surprise, unite and victory against the odds. It is for the first time that a daughter of a weaver, son of well-digger, son of a driver, daughter of daily wage laborer and a farmer who live and are brought up amid extreme poverty have beaten all odds to success and have brought many gold as well as silver medals for India at the Jakarta and Palembang Asian games 2018. 

The winners’ list also includes son of a coffee-estate owner, daughter of a businessman and son of a leading industrialist. These are children of rich parents or with white-collar jobs. Hence we can say that India’s medal winners have come from diverse parts of the country.

Out of the total 69 medals (15 gold, 24 silver and 30 bronze) that India has won, 45 are from individual disciplines. In addition, out of the 39 gold and silver medals won by the country, 24 were in individual games.

Another interesting fact is that 67 percent of the gold and silver medal winners are from the Indian villages and 27 percent are from the working sector. And to the surprise, five of the nine individual gold medals are won by athletes from Haryana.

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