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SBI Life Insurance: How to Calculate Your BMI? Know the Easiest Method Here

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
SBI Life Insurance

Know how to calculate your BMI? Body Mass Index (BMI) is a ratio of weight & height. This ratio helps a person to know whether he or she is underweight, overweight or obese. BMI plays a major role to decide the amount that you could pay towards your insurance premium. If you know how much it is, then you can have a rough estimate about your insurance premium. Isn’t it interesting?

SBI Life Insurance: Method to calculate BMI

There are various ways to calculate your BMI. It can be done by using online BMI calculators for men and women. You only need to enter your height and weight. You can input either your height or your weight, & it gives out the ideal figures for the other two. People in rural villages also must be aware of their BMI to keep a check on their health.

The BMI calculation formula = Weight of the person (in kg)/(Height of the person)2 (in m2)

  • A BMI which is less than 18.5 means you are underweight.

  • 18.5 and 24.9 BMI is normal for a healthy adult.

  • A BMI between 25 and 29.9 indicates that you are overweight as per your height.

  • A BMI that is beyond 30 signifies that you are Obese.

  • Though, Body Mass Index of either of the gender is not significantly different. But, it is seen that the BMI of men is higher than women.

It is to be noted that Body Mass Index affects your insurance premiums. BMI indicates how healthy you are. Higher BMI means that you are more susceptible to coronary heart diseases & other illnesses such as diabetes and other weight-related diseases. In which medical treatment and medication would cost more which results in increasing insurance premiums.

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