Seed, Market, Machinery, Finance ,All Support to Farmers : Modi


Addressing the country on the occasion of 71st Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has again motivated and thrilled the nation with his speech. While emphasizing the basic infrastructure including irrigation in the agriculture sector,he said that the government has started to develop the system from seed to market for the farmers and this will bring about a new change in the lives of millions of farmers.  Despite the natural calamities, the farmers of the country have produced a record of pulses along with the crop. He said, 'The government is promoting infrastructure. Farmers' wealth scheme has been implemented through which those arrangements will be created which will benefit farmers from seed to market and develop arrangements for them. Through this, we will be successful in bringing about a new change in the lives of millions of farmers. '


The Prime Minister said, 'We can not change the fate of our farmer till the farmer is given the seed till the market till the market is given. And therefore, the infrastructure needs to be done for them, they needs a supply chain. He said, Every year million worth vegetable, fruits and crops are damaged and therefore encouraged foreign direct investment to focus on this problem. So that the world is connected with us in the field of food processing. From the record production of pulses, farmers have provided nutritious food to the poor. Along with this, the government has purchased 1.6 million tonnes of pulses historically. It is noteworthy that according to the third advance estimate of agriculture ministry, foodgrain production is expected to be 27.34 million tonnes in the crop year 2016-17.


Referring to the Prime Minister's Crop Insurance Scheme, Modi said that only three and a half crore farmers were associated with this scheme three years ago, and this number has reached 6 million now. Underlining the importance of irrigation, he said that if farmers get water, they have the power to produce gold from soil. He said, for the purpose of bringing water to the farmers, already 21 schemes have been completed and the remaining 50 schemes will be completed in the coming days. Also  resolution of 99 schemes was taken by him. By completing those 99 big plans before 2019, he looks forward foe the welfare of farms and farmers.

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