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Severe Diseases Have Been Discovered In Papaya Fruit; Know The Cure

Papaya Farming: According to agricultural scientists, the diseased plants should be uprooted and burnt and new plants should not be planted in place of the diseased plants.

Ayushi Raina
Rotten Papaya
Rotten Papaya

Many pests and diseases are on the rise in papaya. However, in papaya crops, the damage is caused by diseases rather than pests. Following the recent severe rains in Maharashtra, various diseases have been observed on the fruits.

Downy mildew and fungal diseases have recently been reported on papaya orchards in Maharashtra's Nandurbar district. As a result, papaya fruits are deteriorating. The leaves are yellowing. Papaya is another crop that provides better productivity and profit at a lower cost and in less time.

Hematopoietic Disease

This disease is primarily caused by fungus in the nursery, and it causes significant destruction to the plants. It has the greatest effect on newly sprouting plants, causing them to decay & fall to the ground.

Disease Prevention

For treatment, the nursery soil should first be treated with a 2.5 percent formaldehyde solution and covered with polythene for 48 hours. Only after treatment with Thiram or Captan (2 g/kg) seed should be planted. Alternatively, spray 2 g/liter of Metalaxyl Mancozab solution into the nursery as soon as symptoms appear.

Foliar Disease

When the disease affects the plants before blooming & fruiting, it might result in a 100 percent loss. The disease is caused by a virus from the Gemini constellation. This disease's symptoms first develop on the top sensitive leaves.

The afflicted leaves gradually become tiny wrinkled, rough and brittle. The tips of the leaves are twisted from the bottom side, giving the leaves the appearance of an inverted cup.

Disease Prevention

As soon as diseased plants emerge, they should be plucked and buried or burned. The papaya plant should be prepared in a glass house or net house to keep white fly away. After 10 to 12 days, apply monocrotophos (0.05 percent) or other comparable pesticides to papaya plants in the nursery.  It should be done at regular intervals.

Fruit Rot Disease

There are several causes of this disease, the most common of which being Colletotroicum gliosporides. Half-ripe fruits are toxic. Small round wet patches develops on the fruits as a result of this disease; they eventually mix & turn brown or black. This disease begins during fruit ripening, causing the fruits to fall before they are fully ripe.

Disease Prevention

The disease is reduced by spraying copper oxychloride dissolved in 2.0 gm/Litre of water or Mancozeb dissolved in 2.5 gm/ltr. of water. Diseased plants should be uprooted & burned and no new plants should be planted in their place.

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