Soyabean Production Get Weaken in Argentina

During the last  quarter production of soybean from Argentina has weakened. The effect of this in the foreign markets has been indicative of rapid growth.

weakened production in  Argentina and the pressure of demand  have started rising  up while showing improvement from the lowest level of the last two years.

So far in the soybean producing areas of India, there is a shortage of more than 10percent of monsoon rainfall  which resulted in increased prices of soyabean in the market..

Hope is going to be faster than the weak sales in Hajar. There is an inward bound in vegetable  Market  and the demand for seeds in soyabean is getting stronger .

Due to the downturn on the entire business in future. The situation has remained deteriorated today. Regardless  its business are not keeping the perception of long recession. Local work is being described as much better than Soyakhali's Export.

Indore palm drums cost Rs 792 to Rs 795, Kandla Palm 704 to 707, CPO 762 to 765, Soyarifine 740 to 745, Digam 692 to Rs 695. Indore groundnut oil 840 to 860, soya refined 745 to 748, salvat 710 to 715



Bhanu Pratap

Krishi Jagran / New Delhi

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