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TN Agri Minister Announces Cultivation of Kuruvai Paddy in 5 Lakh Acres across Delta Region

With the combined efforts of the government, dedicated farmers, and favorable initiatives, the expansion of Kuruvai paddy cultivation is poised to bring positive outcomes to the agricultural landscape of the Cauvery Delta districts.

Shivam Dwivedi
TN Agri Minister Announces Cultivation of Kuruvai Paddy in 5 Lakh Acres across Delta Region (Photo Source: Pixabay)
TN Agri Minister Announces Cultivation of Kuruvai Paddy in 5 Lakh Acres across Delta Region (Photo Source: Pixabay)

The Kuruvai paddy cultivation is anticipated to witness significant growth as it is expected to cover an area of 500,000 acres in the Cauvery delta districts this year. This optimistic projection was revealed by MRK Panneerselvam, the Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, during a media interaction in Thanjavur.

The minister had chaired a consultative meeting with farmers from the delta districts to discuss the upcoming water release from the Mettur dam. Minister Panneerselvam attributed the recent surge in Kuruvai paddy acreage to the dedicated efforts of Chief Minister Stalin, who introduced initiatives such as the Kuruvai Special Package.

The package has played a crucial role in encouraging farmers to increase their cultivation of Kuruvai paddy, a variety of rice commonly grown during the short northeast monsoon season. Addressing concerns about the availability of seeds and fertilizers for Kuruvai paddy cultivation, Minister Panneerselvam revealed that the delta districts would require a total of 7,182 tonnes of paddy seeds. He reassured farmers by stating that 4,405 tonnes of paddy seeds had already been distributed, and an additional stock of 4,406 tonnes was available in the delta districts.

In terms of fertilizers, the Cauvery Delta districts have already stockpiled 78,000 tonnes of urea and DAP out of the total requirement of 1.07 lakh tonnes. This proactive measure ensures that farmers have access to an adequate supply of fertilizers for their Kuruvai paddy crops.

Minister Panneerselvam also highlighted the ongoing desilting work being carried out this year. He mentioned that the desilting of A and B canals had commenced earlier in the year under the supervision of the Public Works Department-Water Resources Department (PWD-WRD). Furthermore, Chief Minister Stalin is scheduled to inspect these canals, emphasizing the government's commitment to enhancing irrigation infrastructure.

KR Periyakaruppan, the Minister for Co-operation, provided additional insights by stating that a significant amount of crop loans had been disbursed to farmers through cooperative societies. Last year, an impressive sum of Rs 13,000 crore was distributed, and this year's target has been set even higher at Rs 14,000 crore. These initiatives aim to support farmers in their agricultural activities and contribute to the overall development of the farming community.

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